Trump takes another swipe at the First Amendment

Donald Trum - Burn the Constitution

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for president, a major concern held by Constitutional Conservatives has been his ignorance and/or indifference about the Constitution. From gun rights to freedom of the press, Trump has displayed a frightening lack of understanding when it comes to our constitutional rights, and an equally frightening willingness to abandon those rights when it suits his ego-driven political ambitions.

The latest example of what I’m talking about was brought to light in another one of the New York Liberal’s Twitter rants as Trump reacted to a flag-burning incident at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. where a protest was held after his election victory.

As deplorable as burning the US flag may be, it has been determined by the US Supreme Court as constitutionally protected free speech. In a 1989 5-4 decision–Antonin Scalia sided with the majority by the way–the high court ruled in Texas vs. Johnson that laws prohibiting the burning of the flag were unconstitutional.

Let me repeat, I consider burning the US flag a deplorable act. But Trump’s knee-jerk reaction calling for the revocation of a person’s citizenship or a year in jail can only be described as an arbitrary and severe abuse of government power–the very definition of tyranny.

Of course, this should come as no surprise since Trump’s campaign has been full of tyrannical; even fascist behavior. A few examples include:

  • Threats against freedom of the press
  • Threats against freedom of speech
  • Threats against gun rights
  • Threats against businesses that relocate to another country
  • Declared that the military would obey his orders–even if they are illegal
  • Promised to create a registry of Muslim Americans
  • Recently essentially declared himself above the law concerning conflicts of interest between the presidency and Trump Enterprises

The Constitution continues to be in danger, even after Obama has left office. And as the Trump Administration gets underway, we will need to be ever vigilant in defending our constitutional rights. Clearly, it doesn’t appear that Trump will defend them.


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