Trump and McConnell pledge undying love in recommitment ceremony

How do you know that Mitch McConnell is beginning to feel the heat from the “Ditch Mitch” conservatives? He gets in touch with his inner Trumplican and kisses up to Donald Trump. And how do you know that Donald Trump is beginning to feel the heat of record-low job approval numbers after getting little to nothing done with his campaign promises? He gets in touch with his inner swamp and kisses Mickey right back.

That’s what we witnessed at yesterday’s recommitment ceremony in the Rose Garden between these two men following a cozy lunch at the White House. In a meeting with reporters afterward, the “long-time friends” held a contest where they tried to out “schmoopy” each other in an open declaration of their undying affection for one another.

“Long before the world of politics. Early into his world of politics. We have been friends for a long time and probably now despite what we read, we are probably now, I think, as far as I’m concerned closer than ever before . . . The relationship is very good. We are fighting for the same thing,” Trump said.

“We have the same agenda,” McConnell said. “We’ve been friends and acquaintances for a long time. We talk frequently. We don’t give you a readout every time we have a conversation, but frequently we talk on the weekends about the issues that are before us.”

As a frequent critic of both men, it would be easy for me to call out the NY Liberal and the Castrated Kentuckian for being the hypocrites they truly are. But in a “politics makes strange bedfellows” sort of way, I believe their display of mutual admiration comes straight from their hardened hearts.

Trump hates conservatives and just about any other member of the GOP if they refuse to kneel at his altar or if they challenge him for his policy failures in areas such as repealing Obamacare, ending DACA, or fixing the budget. In a Godfather-like manner, Trump hates conservatives because they aren’t “loyal” and he has actively campaigned against them in special elections this year to prove that point.

Likewise, McConnell hates conservatives and blames them for his failures as the Senate Majority Leader in the same areas of repealing Obamacare, ending DACA, and fixing the budget. Like Trump, Mickey hates them for being disloyal by opposing his “business as usual” attitude when it comes to the long list of GOP broken promises and as he capitulates to Democrat priorities. McConnell has also campaigned against conservatives during the recent special elections just as he has done for many years prior.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, but his newfound infatuation with McConnell means he’s willing to keep it stocked if it allows him to benefit politically.

Conversely, McConnell is the epitome of the DC swamp, but his slobbering love affair with Donald Trump means he’s willing to embrace Trumplicanism if it means he can remain in the swamp and keep his cushy Washington establishment job.


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