Trump congratulates China for 70 years as a murderous dictatorship

Yesterday, Donald Trump, the man who kept a copy of a book containing a collection of Adolf Hitler’s speeches (My New Order) by his bed to read for inspiration and who fell in love with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un last year after receiving “beautiful letters” from the murdering dictator, sent a congratulatory tweet to President XI and the Chinese people on the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

When you consider his track record up to this point, Trump’s praise for the communist regime isn’t all that surprising. But it serves to confirm his unfitness and unworthiness to represent America’s values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the rest of the world.

Trump’s ignorance or indifference of history — probably both — serves to make his shout-out to China even more disgraceful and embarrassing.

Mao Zedong was a communist dictator and the Chairman of the Communist Party of China. And while history records atrocities ranging from pedophilia to torturing political dissenters, Mao’s Great Leap Forward campaign easily qualifies the founder of the People’s Republic of China as the greatest mass murderer in world history.

Faced with starvation so severe that the government had to put up propaganda posters to persuade people not to eat their children, the famine created by the Great Leap Forward, along with Mao’s systematic torture and brutality, killed approximately 45 million Chinese over a four-year period (1958-1962). For a little perspective, the total worldwide death toll of World War II was 55 million people.

Amazingly, a few so-called conservatives corrected Trump’s ill-advised congratulatory tweet.

Representative Chip Roy offered a pithy “I will pass” response.

Senior Political Analyst at Trump Pravda (FOX News) Brit Hume told Trump, “This is gross. Celebrating a brutal dictatorship on its survival.”

One of the best replies to Trump came from Dan McLaughlin, a contributor at National Review, when he tweeted, “I don’t celebrate the Soviet revolution in Russia, the NAZI takeover in Germany, or the Khmer Rouge taking power in Cambodia. For the same reasons, I do not celebrate Chairman Mao’s revolution in China.”

Meanwhile, on the same day Trump congratulated Chinese dictators for 70 years of Communist Party rule, police in Hong Kong continued cracking down on protestors fighting for freedom, shooting a student in the process.

For the record, Trump has been pathetically weak in his response to the Hong Kong protests, essentially giving China a green light to escalate their crackdown, including the use of military force if necessary.

But hey, at least we’re “winning” the trade war that’s destroying the U.S. economy, so Trump’s got that going for him.


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