Trump can’t earn women’s vote, so he’ll buy it!

trump-money-pileWhen he was the Democrat candidate for president, Bill Clinton promised a boatload of benefits in order to buy your vote. One of his campaign promises was the Family Medical Leave Act, which requires employers to provide up to twelve weeks each year of unpaid leave to care for family or medical needs. It became law in 1993.

Back in the spring, I wrote about a growing movement in several liberal states to make this federally mandated time off a PAID benefit. No surprise really, because much like every feel-good social entitlement program liberals come up with, there are always down-the-road unintended consequences—and sometimes intended consequences, such as we are witnessing with Obamacare becoming a single-payer system.

In that same piece, I also documented Hillary Clinton’s campaign pledge to nationalize paid family medical leave at a projected cost of up to $1 trillion dollars in new taxes. And Trump supporters use policy ideas such as this one to support their claim that we must vote for Trump because he’s “not Hillary.”

Well, as Master Yoda would say:

Trump’s daughter Ivanka, a registered Democrat and close friend of the Clinton family, pushed for more government regulation of businesses in the area of medical leave during her appearance at the Republic National Convention. And it looks like Daddy is going to grant his little girl her heart’s desire.

In an effort to buy the votes he’s been unable to earn from women, Trump announced plans yesterday to provide six weeks paid maternity leave for all working women. For women who are unable to secure such leave from their employer, the federal government will foot the bill using funds from the already overburdened unemployment insurance system.

According to Trump’s campaign, this will be a completely self-funded endeavor and will be paid for using supposed savings from fraud prevention in the unemployment insurance system, even though the campaign is unable to identify where such fraud is occurring.

Gee! This isn’t going to cost us a single penny! It’s almost like it’ll be free! Take that Bernie Sanders!

Sadly, the reality is that since employers pay the premiums for unemployment insurance, this is going to cost businesses a lot of money, which means in the end it’s going to cost everyone.

So remember folks, as election day draws near, we have to elect Donald Trump because he will govern as a Conservative and he’s “not Hillary” . . . except on this issue . . .  and Planned Parenthood funding . . . and the LGBT agenda . . . and the minimum wage . . . and abortion . . . and freedom of speech . . . and freedom of the press . . . and gun rights . . . and illegal immigration . . . and taxes . . . and socialized medicine . . . and . . .


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