Trump favors funding the “good” part of Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump - Planned Parenthood

Ever since the heartbreaking revelation that Planned Parenthood is involved in selling the body parts of the babies murdered in their mother’s womb, the Republican candidates for president have unanimously called for defunding the Naziesque baby-killing factory, including Mr. Donald Trump, who as recently as last week had expressed in an interview with Hugh Hewitt that he would shut the government down in order to see it happen.

Well… it appears that Trump is pulling an Obama, meaning that his position is quickly evolving.

During an interview with his BFF Sean Hannity, Trump stated that abortion “should not be funded.” But when pressed on the “other services” offered by the abortion mill, he indicated that he was open to the idea of continuing to fund Planned Parenthood with taxpayer money:

You know, I once read that David Berkowitz was pretty good at delivering the mail, but I don’t think that little bit of good made up for the mass murders he committed.

I guess the Donald is unaware that it’s already illegal for federal funds to be used to pay for abortions. Despite this fact, taxpayers send Planned Parenthood over $500 million a year.

If Trump were to do as he says, he would essentially be in favor of maintaining the status quo, which means that the government would be partners with Planned Parenthood in a money-laundering scheme that would allow them to skirt around the law. If you give them money to pay for these “other things,” they will just shift the money from those “other things” to pay for abortions.

The bottom line? Any money given to Planned Parenthood pays for abortions! Period!

This flip-flop by Mr. Trump creates an unpleasant situation for evangelicals who had him ranked #1 leading up to the presidential debates last week. And even though this may sort itself out over the weeks and months ahead, evangelicals, along with other pro-life conservatives, should take a second look at their enamored love affair with the straight-talking billionaire.



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