Trump chooses amnesty for illegals instead of border wall

When Donald Trump redefined the RINO acrostic last week by issuing his Rescind-In-Name-Only order reversing Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order, he laid the groundwork for granting amnesty and creating a pathway to citizenship for the million-plus illegals known as DREAMERs. Despite his campaign promises that he would fix the illegal immigration problem, Trump demanded that Congress pass legislation making DACA permanent, or else he would issue his own executive order extending Obama’s executive order.

In the days following his Rescind-In-Name-Only directive, Trump reaffirmed his goal of amnesty for illegals by teaming up with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. This move ensured a Democrat victory on the illegal immigration issue along with a host of other left-wing priorities, and it essentially made Trump the defacto Democrat President of the United States.

In an effort to once again defend the indefensible, many so-called conservatives floated the idea that Trump’s DACA decision was another grand strategy by the New York liberal. Trump wasn’t caving on DACA; instead he was using it to force Democrats to finance the border wall—you know, the wall Trump said Mexico would pay for. But alas, Trump has no such plan; he simply wants DACA worse than he wants a wall.

On Tuesday, an official with the administration confirmed Trump’s desire to give amnesty to illegals when he told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor event that financing the wall would have nothing to do with passing a new DREAM Act. Later at a White House briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders confirmed that so-called “immigration reform”—you and I would call that amnesty—has always been the “number one thing” on Trump’s priority list. This is a direct contradiction of Trump’s campaign promise on illegal immigration.

“I think the president has spoken out very clearly that he wants us to make this decision based on a variety of factors. But the number one thing is that he wants responsible immigration reform and part of that is including that in the process. (He) always wanted responsible immigration reform.”

Contrary to what the Trump cult might tell you, The Donald isn’t a political Einstein playing four-dimensional chess. In reality, Trump is a man void of conviction and character who simply has no idea what he’s doing.


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