The healthcare narrative conservatives need to win elections

We are joined today by Rep. Jim Butler (@repjimbutler), R-Ohio, a one-man think tank on healthcare, to discuss the compelling narrative conservatives should be pushing on health care.

Why health care? Republicans are about to get crushed in the midterm elections, and healthcare is the top issue. Yet Republicans let the Left get away with murder–quite literally sometimes–on the healthcare issue by ignoring how they empowered and monopolized a cartel.

Jim explains a number of ways government programs and interventions in healthcare have not only driven up costs but have destroyed private practice and degraded the quality and delivery of healthcare itself. He explains how Medicaid and the cartel monopoly helped fuel the addiction crisis with opioids. He also explains how open-border fanatics in Ohio are refusing to increase penalties for the worst type of heroin dealers, most often criminal aliens.

Listen to this episode and then ask yourself how Republicans would perform in November if this was their top message.


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