Following Pennsylvania defeat, Blue tsunami imminent for Trump and GOP

After Republicans failed to retain the US Senate seat once held by Jeff Sessions in one of the reddest of red states following Roy Moore’s defeat in the AL special election in December, Trump and the GOP swamp couldn’t get their excuses out there fast enough.

While shocking, the outcome of that election was no surprise to those not drinking the orange Kool-Aid. Leading up to the December contest, evidence of an election tidal wave for Democrats was obvious as the party whose mascot is an ass flipped one state election after another in districts where Trump often won by bigly numbers.

While the special election for Congress in PA’s 18th District was close enough that the National Republican Congressional Committee wants to impound voting machines pending a recount, the apparent win by Democrat Conor Lamb over Republican State Rep. Rick Saccone is another indicator that the GOP faces the very real possibility of losing the House and Senate in November.

In his analysis of how Democrats have succeeded in moving the electorate in their direction, Ben Shapiro concluded Tuesday night that 2018 could be “very, very ugly” for Republicans in 2018.

Shapiro went on to point out the obvious fact that Trump’s popularity, or unpopularity as the case may be, was a factor in this shift.

Of course, GOP leaders don’t agree with this conclusion. As the party leader in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan says Lamb won because he ran as a conservative. While it would be easy to look at Ryan’s claim as another copout for his failed leadership, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he thinks he’s a conservative too!

What the GOP conveniently leaves out of their interpretation of why they’re losing in these elections is that voters have started to realize that Republicrats and Trumplicans have hijacked the party of Reagan. The party no longer represents conservatism, and voters refuse to elect lying liars simply because they are #notDemocrat. We need look no further than Obamacare and DACA for proof.

And perhaps the greatest spin cycle ever witnessed in the age of Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, the national spokesperson of the Republican National Committee, wants you to know that Lamb only won by riding Trump’s coattails.

“This is not a victory for Democrats at all. What this proves is that if you act like Trump and endorse Trump’s agenda, you can win in a Republican district.”

Her claim is beyond ironic, especially in light of how vulnerable House Republicans are rejecting offers of help from Trump because he’s become so toxic.

Despite how Trump, The GOP, and the faux conservative media try to spin it, the PA election proves what we’ve known for some time now—the Blue wave has become a tsunami, and it’s going to destroy Republicans in November.


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