Texas abortion law ruling renews far-left call to pack Supreme Court

Texas abortion law far-left packing Supreme Court

Texas abortion law ruling renews far-left call to pack Supreme Court

The Far-Left has been outraged ever since last week’s Supreme Court ruling allowing a Texas abortion law to take effect, and they are using the decision to renew their call to pack the court with enough activist justices to mold the court in their image.

This renewed call to pack hijack the Supreme Court is the second time in a week where far-left members of Congress and their allies in the media have used a ruling that didn’t come down in their favor to make their push to “reform” the court — the previous call coming after a ruling against Biden’s eviction moratorium.

The plan to pack the Supreme Court was officially launched back in April. That’s when far-left extremists in the Democrat Party rolled out the Judiciary Act of 2021 — a bill sponsored by Sen. Ed Markey (MA), House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (NY) and Reps. Hank Johnson (GA) and Mondaire Jones (NY).

The goal of their legislation is to enlarge the Supreme Court from nine seats to thirteen seats, a move they claim is necessary to restore balance to a court that currently holds a 6-3 conservative majority — a majority that we all know doesn’t exist despite claims by Mitch McConnell to the contrary.

“We are here today because the United States Supreme Court is broken, it is out of balance and it needs to be fixed. Too many Americans view our highest court in the land as a partisan, political institution, not our impartial judicial branch of government,” Markey said at a press conference.

“Some people will say we’re packing the court. We’re not packing it, we’re unpacking it. Senator McConnell and the Republicans packed the court over the past couple of years,” said Nadler. “So this is a reaction to that. It’s a necessary step in the evolution of the court.”

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling allowing the Texas abortion law to stand, Nadler may have found a new reason to push court-packing legislation because, according to the New York representative, “Decisions like this one chip away at our democracy.”

Meanwhile, a growing chorus of far-left voices are calling for packing the court (via The Hill):

Progressives are now doubling down on their efforts to expand the number of seats on the bench or implement reforms like term limits in order to safeguard the landmark abortion rights decision.

Progressives have intensified their calls to reform the Supreme Court, either through court-packing – expanding the number of seats on the court and adding justices who would nullify the conservative majority – or imposing term limits for those on the bench.

Reform advocates say that the momentous ruling is the latest example illustrating the need to implement changes to a court that has become dominated by conservatives and is tilting away from longstanding precedents and popular opinion.

Christopher Kang, the co-founder of the progressive group Demand Justice — a Chuck Schumer-led group that describes itself as “a progressive movement fighting to restore balance to the courts” — said the Supreme Court’s Texas abortion ruling effectively overturned Roe and could provide an inflection point for the reform movement.

“I think it really magnifies for a lot of people what we’ve been saying for a long time, which is this Supreme Court is illegitimate and has to be reformed.

“And I think that, you know, a lot of court watchers and legal elites have been trying to suggest that the court is more moderate than we’ve been saying it is…I think this rips off the veil and it really exposes the court for the hyperpartisan institution it is. And really now I think people understand that court reform has to be part of any long-term durable solution to protect our rights.”

Though he claims to oppose expanding the Supreme Court, Biden formed a “bipartisan” commission to study several potential changes to the high court, including court packing and term limits for justices.

If you’re thinking the Far-Left will be unable to achieve their goal of packing the Supreme Court due to the 60-vote filibuster rule in the Senate, think again. Chuck Schumer has already laid the groundwork for what he’s calling “filibuster reform.” If successful, Schumer will be able to cram the entire far-left agenda down the throat of America.

Based on Markey’s comments when he introduced the bill to hijack the Supreme Court, getting rid of the filibuster is a key part of the plan to expand the Supreme Court. “We begin the case today, clearly we would want Republicans to vote with us,” said Markey. “But if they are not willing to participate in that effort, then we can still do this on a basis of 51 votes, and that will ultimately require a repeal of the filibuster and passage of this legislation with 51 votes.”

Before the Supreme Court ruling on the Texas abortion law, Nancy Pelosi had “no plan” to bring the Judiciary Act of 2021 to the House floor for a vote, although, she said at the time that the idea is “not out of the question.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea or a bad idea. I think it’s an idea that should be considered and I think the president’s taking the right approach to have a commission to study such a thing. It’s a big step.

It’s not out of the question. It has been done before in the history of our country a long time ago. And the growth of our country, the size of our country, the growth of our challenges in terms of the economy, etc., might necessitate such a thing.” (emphasis mine)

By the way, in response to the Supreme Court ruling concerning the Texas abortion law, Pelosi has promised to hold a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), a bill that codifies Roe v. Wade. Introduced back in June, the bill overturns hundreds of state abortion restrictions and guarantees the right to murder an unborn baby “without limitations.”

Could it be that the Texas abortion law ruling helps the Far-Left achieve its objective of packing the Supreme Court?


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