Erick Erickson: Anti-vaxxer Christians ‘are doing the bidding of Satan’

Erick Erickson anti-vaxxers

Erick Erickson says anti-vaxxer Christians “are doing the bidding of Satan”

During a recent broadcast of his radio program, Erick Erickson said so-called anti-vaxxer Christians were “idiots” for opposing the COVID vaccine and that they were “evil” people guilty of “doing the bidding of Satan.”

Erickson is just the latest example of “Christian” and/or “conservative” voices making claims along these lines.

Last week, I wrote an article about coronavirus Christians and their claim that not wearing a mask and/or rejecting COVID vaccinations makes you guilty of the sin of hatred for your fellow man and that you’re not “pro-life” — an evolution that began last year when they began preaching the gospel of submission to government tyranny to relieve themselves of the guilt they were feeling for bowing to COVID-tyranny and oppression as they tried to inflict their guilt on others who refuse to bow with them.

But in the eyes of Erick Erickson, being a so-called anti-vaxxer Christian is much worse (via Mediaite):

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson railed against people spreading vaccine misinformation and undermining public faith in vaccines against the coronavirus.

During his radio program on Wednesday, Erickson focused on a Wisconsin math professor’s recent look at how at one point more vaccinated people were hospitalized for Covid in Israel than unvaccinated people.

Erickson was concerned that people were seizing on that statistic in order to sow doubt on the efficacy of vaccines, even though the professor — Jordan Ellenberg — has explained how that claim ignores crucial context and statistical data. Namely, that vaccination rates are very high in Israel, so there will be very few unvaccinated people in hospitals.

“I need you to understand something important: there is an organized effort to undermine trust in the vaccines. I personally find it to be a deeply evil thing,” Erickson said. “I know that offends some of you… And because some of you are doing it, you’re offended at me saying it, but you are involved in a sin, and you don’t care.”

Erickson spoke of a relative of his who recently died of Covid, despite being young, healthy and with no comorbidities, after buying into vaccine misinformation. He also spoke of how many hospitals are currently overwhelmed with unvaccinated Covid patients, and said that those spreading vaccine misinformation “are doing the bidding of Satan.” (emphasis mine)

This isn’t Erickson’s first rodeo when it comes to attacking Christians who disagree with him on the COVID issue.

In the early days of coronavirus hysteria (May 2020), I wrote about Erickson lashing out at believers who objected to mask mandates. In tweets that he has since deleted, the “conservative Christian” radio host labeled anyone defending liberty against the government’s tyrannical response to coronavirus “a selfish asshole” and a “whiny little bitch.”

Erickson also called on churches to “be responsible” and to support the government shutdown of places of worship, and he called churches that refused to close places where “congregating idiots” meet.

Erickson’s profanity and “idiocy” aside, the trained lawyer who is “working on a degree in theology” shows us how ignorance and indifference about liberty is facilitating its destruction, and how years of cheap grace theology mixed with politics has convinced today’s evangelicals that there’s nothing wrong with government assuming God’s place as the provider of our rights.

The self-righteousness of Erick Erickson and others like him who claim to be a part of the family of believers has been evident from the very beginning of the so-called pandemic.

For example, in the article referenced above where I documented how Christians are preaching a gospel of submission to government tyranny, I shared a portion of a private Facebook discussion I had with someone who also equated opposition to masks and vaccines to doing the work of Satan:

“Politics has made this issue controversial. That too is the devil’s work. Christ tells us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Not masking is an act of hostility on the weak and infirm [sic]. Masking is an act of love. It is very clear that those who deny masking have hatred that makes them hostile to doing good to others.”

With coronavirus hysteria destroying liberty and racing us toward tyranny, and with the Republican/Democrat duopoly facilitating that destruction, we are witnessing what could be the last days of freedom in our once-great republic. That’s sad news, but sadder still is the fact that coronavirus Christians are embracing the hysteria and bowing to government tyranny while judging those who refuse to bow with them.

In the self-righteous eyes of Erick Erickson and other coronavirus Christians, if you’re an anti-vaxxer, you’re guilty of hating your fellow man, you’re guilty of not being pro-life, and you’re guilty of doing the bidding of Satan.


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