Senate budget bill proves the GOP is dead and the unibrow lives

As Trumpservatives continue to look for ways to defend their lack of principles, I’ve become accustomed to the weak attacks I get on a daily basis from the society of sycophants supporting Trump because I refuse to bow at his altar.

Liberal? Check. Closet Democrat? Check. Working for George Soros? Check. Like I said, their attacks are weak.

As the mid-term election draws near, I’ve been hearing from so-called conservatives about the need to put aside my differences with Trump and the GOP and, in the spirit of unity, join hands to save the #NotDemocrat party.

Let me say right up front, I’m not a party loyalist. I vote principle over party. Not to mention, that I left the GOP after the establishment hijacked the Republican National Convention, silenced the #FreeTheDelegates movement, and railroaded delegates into nominating Trump.

Putting that aside for a moment, any claims that a RINO or Trumplican is better than a Democrat simply doesn’t hold water. As my fellow conservative and talk show friend, Shannon Joy, so accurately points out, when it comes to policy there are no Republicans and Democrats. In Washington, there is only a single unibrow party.

Case in point. In an excellent piece written by Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz, we see how more Republicans in the Senate changes nothing.

Last week, the GOP-controlled Senate passed a spending monstrosity that received 100 percent Democrat support along with all but 6 Republicans. Instead of addressing their campaign promises, McConnell and crew passed a bill that funds the Labor Department, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Education at levels higher than the omnibus passed earlier this year.

And to make sure that funding of controversial programs within these departments was approved, GOP leadership tied these funds to military spending. Here are just a few of these controversial programs:

  • Continued funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Direct funding of every iota of Obamacare for the first time since it was created
  • Funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is wholly responsible for the Central America invasion and all the gangs and drugs brought to America since 2014

Meanwhile, Trump is endorsing RINO candidates like Cindy Hyde-Smith in Mississippi—a lifelong Democrat (just like Trump) who converted just prior to her appointment to complete Thad Cochran’s term after he resigned. Hyde-Smith was one of the Republicans who voted “yes” on the appropriations bill, and Trump supports her because “Cindy has voted for our agenda in the Senate 100 percent of the time.”

Trump threatened to veto the March omnibus because it didn’t reflect his vision of big government spending, but he “reluctantly” signed it with a promise never to sign another spending bill like it. Something tells me we’re about to witness another broken promise.

When so-called conservatives tell me to support Trump and the GOP in order to stop Democrats, they’re actually telling me to throw away conservative principles in order to support the Unibrow Party.

I think I’ll pass on the binary illusion that there’s a difference between the two.



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