Republicans vacillate and liberals play race card over Scalia’s replacement

Statue of Liberty - Scalia DiesAll this week we have been taking a look at the inside politics taking place in Washington, D.C. in the aftermath of the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. During this time, the Strident Conservative has joined the chorus of voices from conservatives across America in calling on the Republican-controlled Senate to stop any attempts by Obama to replace the constitutional originalist with a judicial activist.

Sadly, the apparent spinelessness of Mitch McConnell & Co. has been on full display as well. Initially, he committed to postpone any action until after the 2016 elections, but then Chuck Grassley (R-IA) issued a statement saying that they will wait and see who is nominated before deciding; a clear indication that the GOP is preparing to cave.

Now we receive news that things could be about to get worse.

For example, a recent tally by the NY Times shows that all 45 members of the Democrat party support Obama’s intention to name a nominee. But, get this, nearly half of the Republicans—25 out of 54—are leaning in that direction or they refused to go on record opposing him.

Thom Tillis (R-NC) defended his jelly fish response in a radio interview with a warning to Republicans who are committed to stopping Obama:

“I think we fall into the trap if we just simply say [no], sight unseen, we fall into the trap of being obstructionist.”

Can you imagine if these cowards passing themselves off as representatives of the American people were around when the Declaration of Independence was signed?

“Gee, guys. I’m not so sure we should adopt this thing. King George might call us obstructionists.”

Truly pathetic!

And speaking of pathetic, Obama’s minions in the media aren’t calling Republicans who oppose Obama obstructionists. Nope! They’re calling them racists.

Juan Williams, who uses the race card so often when it comes to Obama that the corners are dog-eared, said this in a recent episode of The Five about that Republican opposition, “… race has something to do with it.” And CNN chief John King reported that the White House would blame any opposition to his nominee on the color of the president’s skin.

A Supreme Court vacancy, vacillating Republicans and a liberal media resorting to race-baiting? Seems to me that things are perfect for moving the Constitution one step closer to the grave.


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