Is the GOP cave on Scalia’s replacement under way?

GOP spinelessThe Supreme Court vacancy following the death of Antonin Scalia this past weekend continues to be front page news for Conservatives. And while there are those who would prefer that the issue about his replacement would simply go away, the political realities in Washington, D.C. simply won’t allow it.

In the days following Scalia’s passing, Conservatives led in calling for the Republican majority—a majority made possible by Conservatives who voted for them based on their promise to be a hedge against Obama’s radical agenda—to delay any action concerning his replacement until after the election. And it looked, at least initially, that Mitch McConnell was going to do as we requested.

However, as I warned my readers and listeners on Monday, McConnell has proven himself to be a liar; completely untrustworthy to do as he says. And it looks like we are beginning to see early indications that the spineless RINO is getting his ducks in a row as he prepares to cave to Obama once again.

Following an ironic accusation from Harry Reid—who still runs the show in the Senate—that blocking Obama’s nominee would make this Republican majority “the most nakedly partisan, obstructionist and irresponsible majority in history” (stop laughing), Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) issued a statement that sounded all the world like a cave is imminent:

“I would want until the nominee is made before I would make any decisions.”

This statement followed an earlier one he made on Saturday when he echoed McConnell’s statement that the Senate wouldn’t even consider a nomination until after the November election.

There is nothing in the Constitution that requires the Senate to vote on any nominee. Heck there’s not even a requirement to replace Scalia at all. But with a golden opportunity to shape the court in his image, Obama—with the help of his radical left-wing buddies in the Democrat party—has every intention of trying.

And with a commitment to “making Congress work again”—which is actually code for “let’s do what’s necessary to protect the party”—replacing their oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” it’s looking more likely that McConnell and his posse of establishment Republicans are ready to end of the Constitution.


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