Racist Juan Williams strikes again!

Juan Williams Race Card

According to Webster’s Dictionary, racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities.  In other words, the race of an individual pretty much decides the character and actions taken by an individual. This has often been understood to mean how a white person might treat a non-white person, particularly blacks.

However, since the election of America’s first half-black / half-white president, “black racism” is becoming more and more common whenever a non-black person criticizes or otherwise takes a stand against Obama and his policies. And while this has become standard operating procedure for Obama and his Attorney General, black racism has spread like a cancer to members of the news media.

Enter Juan Williams of FOX News:

Fox News analyst Juan Williams accused Republicans of demonizing Obama in an Aug. 3, 2014, broadcast of Fox News Sunday. Host Chris Wallace pressed Williams on whether he thought Republican opposition to the president was racial.

“All I can do is look at the numbers,” Williams said. Then, in a heated exchange with another panelist, Michael Needham of the conservative group Heritage Action, Williams said, “The core constituency, the people who want him impeached, they’re all white, and they’re all older, and guess what, they’re all in the far right-wing of the Republican party.”

Uh-oh. Looks like ol’ Juan might also suffer from ageism and Republiphobia too!

But his troubles with people based on race isn’t a new phenomenon. In a 2012 GOP debate moderated by FOX News, Juan accused Newt Gingrich of belittling blacks. And let’s not forget that Juan got his gig at FOX after being fired by PBS for making xenophobic remarks about people dressed in garb associated with muslims. Gee, he’s a profiler too? When will it end?

Sure. There are idiots who judge others by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who criticizes Obama falls into that category. From George Washington to Obama, criticizing the president has been the right of every American. If the actions of ANY president borders on violating the Constitution of the United States, that criticism can even reach the levels of possibly impeaching him or her.

It is reprehensible for anyone to judge Obama simply because he is black. It is equally reprehensible when his supporters do the same thing to whites simply because they have the audacity to demand that Obama “protect and defend” the Constitution.

Juan Williams is no stranger to playing the race card when he’s faced with facts for which he has no answer. Instead of open discourse, he’s more than willing to shut down those who oppose Obama with the “old, white, far-right” label. Besides being the epitome of lazy journalism, his race card tactics insult the legacy of progress made by black Americans since the days of Martin Luther King.

By the way, Obama’s approval numbers are at an all-time low. Damn racists!


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