Lord Priebus to Conservatives: This is not the party you’re looking for

lord-priebus-2The political corruption within the GOP establishment is on full display now that Donald Trump has been welcomed as a member of the club. In an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Reince Priebus, whose name sounds a lot like a Sith Lord from a Star Wars movie, acted like he had Sith-like powers as he informed Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich that failure to come to the Dark Side by embracing Donald Trump would destroy any presidential aspirations they might have for 2020.

“These people need to get on board. And if they’re thinking they’re going to run again someday, I think we’re going to evaluate the process—of the nominating process, and I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for them.”

Translation? They’ll rig the system to make sure no conservative can win—you know, like they did this year to give us Donald Trump. Although he could have saved a lot of time by simply waving his hand and saying, “This is not the party you’re looking for.”

If he’d have done that, he would at least have been truthful, because if the nomination of Donald Trump has proven anything, it’s that today’s GOP no longer represents constitutional conservatives. Lord Priebus’s threat proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the party of Reagan is dead.

Though I’m no fan of John Kasich, his campaign revealed the true heart of the Republican party. In an official response to the Priebus threat, Kasich’s top advisor, John Weaver, released this Churchillian statement:

“Thankfully, there are still leaders in this country who put principles before politics. The idea of a greater purpose beyond one’s self may be alien to political party bosses like Reince Priebus, but it’s at the center of everything Governor Kasich does.”

Lord Priebus and Darth Trump are the culmination of the Dark Side known as the GOP establishment. And hunkered away in the Death Star known as Washington DC, they will continue to consume the galaxy we know as America if they are not destroyed.

They may consider Conservatives nothing more than rebel scum, and our numbers may be smaller than those of the Republicans’ galactic empire. But if we stay true to our convictions, led by the Light Side of The Force, known as the Constitution, they can and will be defeated.

Because it’s really true; the GOP isn’t the party we’re looking for.


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