Pfizer and China developing a digital vaccine passport, social credit system

Pfizer China digital vaccine passport social credit system COVID

Pfizer and China developing a digital vaccine passport, social credit system

By now, it should come as no surprise to learn that Big Pharma and big government have been the primary beneficiaries of COVID tyranny and “vaccine” mandates, but did you know that Pfizer, Inc. and China are partners in the development of a digital vaccine passport that will expand the social credit system on a global scale?

Pfizer has been partnered with a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) payment platform which has been used to implement vaccine passports in China since COVID arrived on the scene. In a tweet from June 6, 2018, the company said it was “proud to stand with China leaders and Alipay…”

An attachment in the tweet included a quote from Pfizer’s China General Manager Wu Kun where he said, “We are honored to be a partner in China’s ‘Internet + Vaccination’ initiative.”

Alipay is a Chinese online payment platform originally founded to be an offshoot of the Chinese Communist Party-linked company Alibaba, a company the State Department says has been involved in the “research, production, and repair of weapons and equipment for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).” Alipay has a “deep record of cooperation and collaboration” with China’s “state security bureaucracy,” according to Christopher Ford, Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation at the State Department, and it has also been flagged as a “tool” of the Chinese Communist Party, aiding in its build-up of “technology-facilitated surveillance and social control.” (Emphasis mine)

This revelation concerning the partnership between Alipay and Pfizer, which occurred prior to COVID, follows China’s intention of using the platform to launch vaccine passports (via New York Times):

“After users fill in a form on Alipay with personal details, the software generates a QR code in one of three colors. A green code enables its holder to move about unrestricted. Someone with a yellow code may be asked to stay home for seven days. Red means a two-week quarantine.

“In Hangzhou, it has become nearly impossible to get around without showing your Alipay code.” (Emphasis mine)

Obviously, Pfizer stands to make money by pushing vaccine mandates, but their partnership with China means they are directly involved in the development of a vaccine passport system that will inevitably lead to a cashless society and a “social credit system,” a digital tracking program that makes it possible for government to track and control every aspect of our lives.

I’ve documented the connection between digital vaccine passports and China’s social credit system in the past, but in light of partnership between China and Pfizer, it bears repeating. Experts in the tech industry tell us that the digital platform used by vaccine passports is the same as the one used in China’s “social credit system.” Some of the areas tracked in real time by China’s “social credit system” are (via New Horizons):

  • Medical history
  • Social media posts and internet search history
  • Bank accounts and credit cards
  • Residence, employment, and criminal history
  • Relationships and religious activities
  • Political activity

The information gathered is fed to a central database to create a “social credit score” that can be used to reward or punish citizens. Those with a high score are able to participate freely in society while those with a low score are prohibited from traveling, borrowing money, keep a job, or even get their children into school.

I’ve documented the connection between digital vaccine passports and how it brings government tyrants one step closer to launching a digital, cashless society and a social credit system. And I’ve also documented how microchip technology is being used to implant vaccine passports under the skin, making a cashless society and a social credit system even easier to create and operate.

For the ignorant and/or indifferent sheep who have already surrendered to COVID tyranny and are trying to guilt others into doing the same — I’m looking at you, coronavirus Christians — this scenario may seem far-fetched, but microchipping people so they can buy and sell is already being done in Sweden to relieve citizens of the need to carry a wallet, keys, or identification because everything they need to function in society is contained in a microchip implanted beneath their skin (via NBC News):

When you add how easy it would be to create fake passports, this kind of microchipping makes what once sounded like a conspiracy theory or something out of a science fiction novel much closer to becoming a reality.

Digital COVID vaccine passports like those being developed by Pfizer and China are being actively promoted by the World Economic Forum as part of their plan to use COVID and future “pandemics” in their plans to create the New World Order using an agenda known as The Great Reset.

Tyrants in government and Big Pharma want us to believe that digital vaccine passports are necessary for our safety and will only be used to track compliance with COVID and other vaccine mandates — you know, to keep us “safe” — but a digital currency and a China-styled social credit system are clearly the end goal because they all use the same platform.

The government/technocrat partnership creating digital COVID vaccine passports claims that our privacy will be completely protected, but I’m thinking that protecting privacy and fairness is a non-issue when it comes to their goal of creating a totalitarian police state.

The technology being used to create a digital currency, vaccine passports, and the social credit system has been in the works for years, and thanks to partnerships like the one between Pfizer and China, the far-left’s dream of a totalitarian police state may finally be realized.


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