Obama’s Gestapo is going global

UN police force


If you’re a regular reader of The Strident Conservative (or listener on KLZ560 at 3pm Mountain), you know that I have commented extensively on actions taken by Obama and the Democrats to create a new form of Gestapo in America. Along with the use of race-baiting following the events in Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD., Obama has established a set of policies that are making it possible for him to create a national police force, just as he indicated he would do as a candidate in 2008.

Well fasten your seat belts America! Obama and the United Nations are taking this idea global!

Last week, Attorney General Loretta “Holder 2.0” Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a new law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe. If created, the SCN would essentially override America law, including our Constitutional rights, in favor of a set of laws originating from UN.

As with most of Obama’s “transformation of America” ideas, since this initiative is being launched independent of the White House or any other part of the administration, this will be done without Congress or the courts. But besides the obvious absconding of his duties to protect and defend the Constitution, this action has implications regarding the war on terror and radical Islam.

As we learn from her article on Breitbart.com, Pamela Gellar says that the United Nations has become a sharia-compliant world body. When you add Obama’s deference to the Muslim religion—he claimed that “violent extremism” wasn’t exclusive to Islam in a UN speech—along with his policies to call everyone a terrorist except Islamic terrorists, could we see the UN and Obama use a new global police force against those who oppose Islam?

Considering the fact that he is the one who proclaimed that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” I think it’s a real possibility.

We should make no mistake about where this will go. If enacted, we are clearly looking at a new global police force; maybe not in name, but certainly in practice. Lynch made this perfectly clear during her announcement:

“As we continue to counter a range of domestic and global terror threats, this innovative platform will enable cities to learn from one another, to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world.”

“But through the Strong Cities Network that we have unveiled today, we are making the first systematic effort in history to bring together cities around the world to share experiences, to pool resources and to forge partnerships in order to build local cohesion and resilience on a global scale.”

“When the representatives of the Strong Cities Network join together for their first Annual Summit in Paris in Spring 2016, they will be making a strong and clear statement to their citizens and to the world: we stand united against violence, united against fear and united in the pursuit of a better and brighter future.”

The DOJ press conference mentioned that the SCN will “address violent extremism in all its forms” and that it will aid initiatives that work toward “building social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism.” Is it just me, or does this sound like code-speak for a pro-Islam agenda?

The creation of the Obama Gestapo is already well under way in America, but when you add the UN’s global socialization plot just released as Agenda 2030—an idea that our Constitution-killing president has openly embraced—the creation of a Constitution-killing perfect storm is closer than we think.


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