Obama’s 2013 Budget? Greece Is The Word

As we discovered during a fundraising event held at the Apollo a few weeks ago, Obama considers himself somewhat a songster on par with “Al Green,” so when the Spender-in-Chief presented his all-time record budget proposal for 2013, I thought it should come with a theme song that would reflect his attitude about government spending.

I chose the theme song for the musical Grease and used a homophone that replaces “grease” with “Greece.”

As you will see from some of the lyrics below, this song perfectly describes Obama’s 2013 budget, as well as his overall political philosophy.

I saw my problems and I’ll see the light
We got a lovin’ thing, we gotta feed it right
There ain’t no danger we can go too far
We start believin’ now that we can be who we are – GREECE is the word

His problems? Mismanaging the economy and excessive spending. His lovin’ thing that needs fed? Big socialist-styled government. No danger of going too far? Obviously his record-setting budget deficits show his belief in that area. We can be who we are? According to Obama, we are a nation in need of more regulation, more spending and more European-styled socialism and he will make sure we will be that nation.  GREECE IS THE WORD.

They think our love is just a growin’ pain
Why don’t they understand? It’s just a cryin’ shame
Their lips are lyin’, only real is real
We stop the fight right now, we got to be what we feel – GREECE is the word

His love? Wealth redistribution and government dependency. Why don’t they understand? Because we are liberty-loving believers in the free market and minimalistic government. Lyin’ lips? Well, that’s classic Obama politics. He is the truth and anyone who doesn’t believe him is a liar. Stop the fight? Sounds a bit like Obama’s attacks on Congress. Of course, he doesn’t have to stop the fight, they do – even though he started it. – GREECE IS THE WORD.

GREECE is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s got groove, it’s got meaning

Yep, he likes the sound of the entitlement and excessive spending that brought GREECE to it’s knees. Groovy!

GREECE is the time, is the place, is the motion
Now GREECE is the way we are feeling

Sums it up, doesn’t it? Now’s the time and the place to be just like GREECE. It’s the way he is feeling.

We take the pressure, and we throw away
conventionality, belongs to yesterday
There is a chance that we can make it so far
We start believin’ now that we can be who we are – GREECE is the word

Pressure and throwing away conventionality? Yep, he thinks that conventional America belongs to yesterday. America of the past has failed – only his socialistic policies will change it. We can make it far? I bet GREECE felt that way at one time.  GREECE IS THE WORD.

This is a life of illusion, lack of control
Laced with confusion – what’re we doin’ here?

Sadly for America, this is the reality of Obama’s budget. It’s an illusion. There is no control. It’s nothing but confusion. Yeah, what the h*** are we doing here?

Heck, even his tax-dodging Treasury Secretary had to admit – for the second year in a row – that Obama’s budget is unsustainable, i.e. GREECE.

“Even if Congress were to enact this budget,” Geithner said, “we would still be left with–in the outer decades as millions of Americans retire–what are still unsustainable commitments in Medicare and Medicaid.”

Just one more thought. While Geithner may have nailed it with his analysis of Obama’s budget, he also gave us the reason that Obama’s pathetic budget management and excessive spending will never see the light of day.

As he stated, “Even if Congress were to enact this budget….” Since Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate has chosen to ignore the budget this year – in order to avoid making any decisions that could be politically damaging, America will never know that in Obama’s budget world. . .



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