Obama wants “Vote or Die” to become law

Vote or DieAs time goes by, I’m more and more convinced that if Obama really did teach the Constitution in college, he didn’t do so in order to learn how to live by it. I’m certain that his area of expertise on the Constitution is finding ways to beat the document that he once said was a document of “negative liberties.”

Obamacare. Executive amnesty for illegal aliens. The Environmental Protection Agency. The Federal Communications Commission. These are just a few of the examples that clearly demonstrate Obama’s love of mandates. Recently, he did it again during a speech in Cleveland, OH. when he shared his desire that the U.S. make voting mandatory.

“Other countries have mandatory voting. It would be transformative if everybody voted. That would counteract money more than anything.

The people who tend not to vote are young, they’re lower-income, they’re skewed more heavily toward immigrant groups and minorities. There’s a reason wy some folks try to keep them away from the polls.”

Did you notice the not-so-subtle references to class warfare and racism? Seems to me if this was such a great idea he could come up with some new material. Don’t you think?

Indirectly, this would actually be another assault on free speech rights. Choosing not to vote is just as much a part of free speech as choosing to vote is.

This stroke of socialist genius also presents an entirely new opportunity for voter fraud. Elections are already fraught with opportunities for fraud thanks to votes coming from illegal aliens and dead people. If every American of voting age was registered and required to vote, we would doubtless see it grow.

I don’t really expect this idea to go anywhere, but I thought the same thing about Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens, the EPA shutting down of coal plants to fight global warming, and the FCC’s Net Neutrality regulations. And when you add the feckless leadership we are witnessing from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, anything can happen.

Liberals created the phrase “Vote or Die” as part of a campaign intended to motivate young people to vote. Apparently, Obama wants to make it a law.