Net Neutrality: Another step closer to tyranny

Thomas Jefferson tyranny warning

Obama’s tried it before and failed, but when you’re a dictator on a mission to fundamentally transform America, you don’t let something so petty as a court decision stop you from trying again.

Of course, we’re talking about Net Neutrality and the government takeover of the internet. This time, just as last time, Obama and his cronies will claim that the purpose of their regulation is to prevent the Internet from affording priority and faster service to certain preferred user, something the free market already does.

According to constitutional expert and FOX News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, these new regulations will begin a severe chain reaction:

“If the government regulates the Internet and tells providers how fast they can move information, we will soon see the government regulating the cost of the Internet. We will eventually, just like with broadcast television, see the government regulating the content of the Internet.” (emphasis mine)

Also at work, according to Napolitano, is the federal government’s unquenchable thirst for more and more power.

Besides the obvious assault on free speech, the law is also bad because the government is required by law to publish rule changes such as they are proposing 30 days prior to making any such change. According to the Judge, this likely means that the situation will wind up in court and be possibly be overturned.

But that shouldn’t give constitution-loving Americans—a.k.a. terrorists by the Obama administration—any reason to relax. This proposal has a good deal of support by progressives in both the Democrat and Republican parties, and even Republicans that oppose it are showing the same cowardess they have demonstrated on other issues since the November election.

Hey, at least they can claim that bipartisanship exists after all, even if it is just to destroy the Constitution.

In the end, Net Neutrality is another cog in the government machine designed to destroy our constitutional rights while moving us ever closer to the tyranny the Founding Fathers warned us about.