Mitch McConnell: A lying liar telling lies

Mitch McConnell Liar LiarRegular readers of my commentaries know that I keep track of the lies told by the lying liars representing the Republican party, and Mitch McConnell has been one of my most regular contributors.

In August of last year, during a reelection campaign that was a bit more difficult than the Washington insider had anticipated, McConnell laid out his plans to reverse the Obama agenda if he became the Senate Majority leader.

In short, he promised to attach “riders” to spending bills that could limit Obama and his Democrat cronies on everything from the environment and healthcare to immigration. He said he would do this to force the other side to either accept the rider or face defunding—as in shut down—of the affected departments.

Well, like I said, he’s a liar! As we witnessed less than two weeks ago when McConnell tried to blame House Republicans for his mishandling of a House bill that fully funded the Department of Homeland Security that contained a rider that would have stopped Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Amnesty.

And we witnessed it again today when McConnell played the surrender card with his decision to remove the portion of the bill dealing with amnesty in order to have the Senate vote on each part individually to avoid a make-believe shut down.

Of course, McConnell’s new plan to offer a separate bill dealing with Obama’s Executive Amnesty won’t solve a thing. Democrats will still block it just as they have the DHS funding bill. But it will do one thing; it will give Obama and the Democrats a funding bill that allows millions of illegals, also known as future Democrat voters, to stay in the country.

Republican leaders in the House and Senate should stick to their guns and demand that Democrats either amend the existing House-passed DHS bill, or present their own bill that fully funds Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.

Of course, that would require McConnell to keep his promises. And as we all know, that won’t happen… because he’s a liar!