Obama takes steps to take our guns

Obama 2nd AmendmentLiberals have referred to the AR-15 rifle as an “assault rifle” for years in an attempt to scare people into thinking as they do about banning the popular firearm. And as we all know, if a rifle looks scary, that’s all the reason they need to ban it. Besides, criminals only use scary guns when they kill people, right?

Despite these efforts, anti-second amendment progressives have failed to get the rifle banned. So what is a gun-hating zealot to do? Enter Barack Hussein Obama.

As promised, Obama is using executive action to impose a sort of “back door” form of gun control on the nation by targeting the top-selling rifle in the country with a ban on the ammunition used by sportsmen, reclassifying it as armour-piercing ammunition.

The inexpensive M855 ammunition, commonly referred to as green tips, have been exempt for years because it’s mostly used by target shooters, not criminals. With the reclassification, the ammunition would lose that exemption.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, stepped in with a critical letter to the bureau demanding an explanation for the surprising and abrupt bullet ban.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says that since the bullets can be used in semi-automatic handguns they pose a threat to police and must be banned from production, sale, and use. But, as Goodlatte noted, the agency provided no proof of this allegation:

“This round is amongst the most commonly used in the most popular rifle design in America, the AR-15. Millions upon millions of M855 rounds have been sold and used in the U.S., yet ARF has not even alleged — much less offered evidence — that even one such round has ever been fired from a handgun at a police officer,” Goodlatte said in his letter.

Even some police aren’t buying their claim, saying that AR pistols are too large to conceal.

So it’s clear that the ammunition ban is nothing less than a planned strategy to eliminate the production and sale of the AR-15. And it’s just another step by Obama to take our guns.


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