Obama administration: Terrorist attacks imminent so let’s stop global warming!

Climate change terrorist

If you read my piece yesterday, you know that I have been accused of failing to display Christian charity for not accepting Syrian refugees with open arms due to serious security concerns. Well, it turns out that my concerns are valid according to John Kerry.

In an interview on NBC’s Today Show, Kerry told the host of the show that a future terrorist attack on America is not so much if, but when, even admitting that it could happen as a result of someone slipping through the system:

“Well, I can assure you that we don’t have a specific threat stream or specific evidence in front of us, but there is always — as we’ve said to people for years — the threat of some actor, some lone wolf person, someone who slipped through. That’s the world we’re living in today and we understand that.”

Did you happen to notice how, even when admitting that Obama’s policies are certain to fail, that he refused to identify the enemy by name (ISIS) as if doing so will make them magically disappear? He continued:

“Ever since 9/11, many experts across the United States, without regard to political party or to elections, have consistently said to us it’s probably not a question of if; it’s a question of when

Later in the interview, Kerry warned Americans “to not panic” over the threat posed by “Daesh”—an Arabic term now used by the administration in another effort to avoid calling the enemy by name.

“What we need to do is not succumb to fear. People need to not panic. There is a strategy in place growing by the day, and I have no doubt whatsoever that with the help of all the nations that are united against Daesh, they are going to be defeated, and we’re going to do everything in our power to hasten that journey.”

So, just what is this “plan” and how does the administration intend to “hasten the journey?” A White House press conference provides the answer.

During the joint meeting with French President Francois Hollande, Obama praised the Parisians for getting on with their lives in the aftermath of the November 13 terrorist attacks on Paris as a way to get back at the terrorists. He then announced his plan to strike back at the terrorists:

“Next week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference. What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

No need to fight a war! No need for a military engagement! Just get together with a bunch New World Order groupies to discuss ways to fix a problem that doesn’t exist, and terrorism will cease.

So, despite their admission that terrorists will likely find a way to sneak into the country, making a terrorist attack on America soil a near certainty, Obama is doubling down on his plans to allow hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S.

But not to worry America! After the meetings in Paris in a few weeks, terrorism will cave under the “powerful rebuke” created by the conference. We have Barry’s word on it!


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