Mitt Romney’s plan for a brokered convention continues

Romney - LoserA few days ago I commented on Mitt Romney’s television event where he went on the record with a list of grievances he has against Donald Trump, and how he believed that Trump would be the worst possible candidate to represent the Republican party in November.

And while Mittens claims that he has no desire to run for office again, his actions have provided evidence that the exact opposite is true. In fact, I made the argument that his media circus appearance was, in actuality, an official launch to become the nominee through a brokered convention, and how the GOP establishment is probably behind the idea.

Many of my readers, and listeners on radio, disagreed with me, but in light of subsequent events since then, they might want to reconsider their objections.

Since his TV appearance last week, Romney has instructed his advisers to develop a plan to ensure a brokered convention and reactivated his campaign committees — Romney for President and Romney Victory, Inc. And while he claims to support any existing candidate not named Trump, he recorded robocalls endorsing Rubio in Florida and Kasich in Michigan to be used during yesterday’s primaries.

Why would he endorse different candidates? Because it dilutes the delegate count, which makes it less likely that any one candidate will have the necessary delegates to win, and guarantees a brokered convention.

Another reason folks disagree with me is Rule 40, a rule that requires any nominee at a brokered convention to have a majority of delegates from a minimum of eight states. Since Romney would fail to meet that requirement, they argue that he would be ineligible. But the establishment can change the rules governing a brokered convention, a fact that Romney has acknowledged.

I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but I’m really not a fan of establishment politics. It has given us a government where politicians only work to protect their own selfish interests at the expense of will of the people. And if this scheme comes to fruition, it will mean more than the death of the GOP; it will mean the death of our Republic.


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