The “T” in Trump doesn’t stand for transparency

Donald Trump - NopeDonald Trump, the GOP leader in the presidential primaries, has built his entire campaign on a promise to “Make America Great Again,” even adding the words “believe me” for emphasis. Apparently he thinks that’s all he needs to do to get your vote because when it comes to providing details on some of his stated positions the billionaire who would be king has been deliberately vague and unclear.

A recent example of Trump’s deliberate attempts to avoid the issues considered important by conservatives occurred this past weekend when a reporter for the U.K. Daily Mail attempted to find out if he favors homosexual marriage as a constitutional right:

“We have policy on it,” Trump said. “And I’ve said it very, very strongly. And I think you know it. And it’s all done and, you know, in a campaign, how many times do I have to say it?”

Well, at least once would be nice, Donny Boy. The reporter asked again, and Trump was evasive again:

“It’s like, as an example, what is my position on 900 different things. I’ve said it 150 times. We;re not here for discussing that. But everybody knows how I feel on it.”

Gee, Mr. Trump. Overgeneralize much? Never mind. You wouldn’t answer me anyway.

When the reporter continued pressing for an answer to the question Trump was clearly avoiding, telling him that he didn’t know his position on the issue, Trump ordered him to sit down and called him a liar. Ah, yes. The “trump” card. When challenged to defend your vague positions, call the other person a liar; clearly the preferred response as we have seen in The Donald’s unsubstantiated attacks on his GOP rivals.

In the end, Trump promised to provide an answer to the interviewer’s question the next day. He never showed.

Trump’s position on this issue, while important in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, isn’t the most troubling aspect of this incident. What should trouble anyone considering him for president is his Obama-esque behavior when he’s challenged.

Why won’t Trump tell us the things we need to know about how he would govern? Is it ineptitude or indifference — or both? Does he have something to hide? Why is he being given a pass on behavior that closely resembles the same actions we have seen for the past seven years?

We need to demand transparency! We need to demand an answer to the questions we have. No one deserves our vote if they refuse. If we get this one wrong, we may not get another chance to get it right.


Don't Feed The RINOsDavid Leach is the owner and publisher of The Strident Conservative, your source for news and opinion that’s politically-incorrect and always “right.”

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