Mitt Romney begins his quest for GOP nomination

Romney - LoserMitt Romney, who lost the Republican nomination to John McCain in 2008 and lost the general election to Barack Obama in 2012, spoke before a television audience yesterday to let America know what he thinks of Donald Trump as a candidate for president. As you probably know by now, he doesn’t think much of the Donald.

In his speech, Romney said many things I agree with. He spoke of Trump’s dishonesty, his lack of character, and how his economic and foreign policy policies would be a disaster for America.

Considering my agreement with the former Massachusetts governor’s comments on Trump, you might think I was pleased that Romney speech, but you’d be wrong. Because even though he told us why he thinks Trump is wrong for America, he never told us who would be right.

Upon closer inspection however, maybe he did. Romney’s speech was replete with Democrat—I mean moderate Republican—policy proposals. He covered the economy, healthcare, immigration, income inequality, social justice, Muslim refugees and many more.

In the end, he wasn’t presenting a list of reasons not to vote for Trump; he was making an argument to vote for him. But Romney isn’t a candidate right? Not so fast, folks.

A breaking story from CNN is reporting that Romney has already instructed his closet advisers to develop a plan to stop Trump by locking the GOP convention. Part of this plan was evident in his speech if you look for it.

While he didn’t endorse any of Trump’s opponents, he did encourage primary voters to vote for Donald’s strongest opponent in each of the upcoming states — saying he would vote for Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, and Cruz in states where he is strongest if he were voting in any of those states.

If successful, Trump would be denied the necessary delegates to win the nomination outright, and a brokered convention would be conducted. Then Romney can heed to call of the establishment to rescue the party and save the day.

And make no mistake about it, this scheme has the full blessing of the establishment. They know that Trump is likely to lose to Hillary if he’s the nominee, they know Rubio and Kasich don’t have a chance to even be the nominee, and they know that a President Cruz—Romney is no fan of Cruz either—would be the end of business as usual.

In the end, Romney’s speech yesterday wasn’t about Trump — it was about Romney!


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