Millions of green energy jobs, ending global warming a far-left pipe dream

green energy jobs global warming

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to end global warming and create green energy jobs by investing billions of dollars in renewable sources of energy. His far-left pipe dream would “create [millions] of green energy jobs over the next decade — jobs that pay well; jobs that can’t be outsourced; jobs building solar panels and wind turbines and a new electricity grid; jobs building the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow, not in Japan, not in South Korea but right here in the U.S.A. Jobs that will help . . . save the planet in the bargain.”

Actually, it wasn’t Joe Biden who said those words; not exactly. They are the words of Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign. But Biden’s Green Agenda is nearly identical to that of the man he worked for from 2008-2016, only with bigger and grander promises aligned with the Green New Deal.

During his campaign, Biden promised to fight global warming and create 10 million green energy jobs via his American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion infrastructure plan kickback to unions and Green New Deal special interests. In addition to creating so-called climate-smart technology, Biden wants to earmark $16 billion+ to plug defunct oil and gas wells and reclaim abandoned coal, hardrock, and uranium mines. Biden says this program alone will put hundreds of thousands of people to work in union jobs.

Pro-union hype aside, Biden’s infrastructure proposal spends a lot of money on a several far-left agenda items while spending very little on actual infrastructure. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • $650 billion for roads, rail, and transportation
  • $650 billion for “home infrastructure” (broadband, clean water, the electric grid, and high-quality housing)
  • $400 billion for the “care economy” (to create “well-paying caregiving jobs with benefits)
  • $580 billion for manufacturing, training, and research (to pay for jobs lost due to his global warming policies)

Did you catch that last item? Biden admits right up front that his green energy pipe dream will cost jobs. The only “created” jobs will the ones he creates and taxpayers pay for.

In his first address to a joint session of Congress in April, Biden framed Obama’s his climate change agenda as a once-in-a-generation economic opportunity, speaking directly to blue-collar workers. He promised that his focus on the environment would result in “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Millions of green energy jobs is only part of the Obama 2.0 agenda Biden is peddling; there’s also the promise of creating a greenhouse-gas free America sure to bring a smile to the faces of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, along with the rest of the Green New Deal crowd — including Trumpist Republicans.

Just like his promise of creating millions of green energy jobs, Biden’s promise of a “green America” and bringing an end to global warming is also a pipe dream (via Power The Future).

On Earth Day, President Biden pledged under the Paris Climate Agreement that the United States would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent in ten years (below 2005 levels). This goal is as preposterous as it is impractical. It’s clear that the Biden Administration is misleading the American people to impose the Green Agenda which includes stifling bureaucratic manipulation in every sector of the economy. Power The Future’s latest study, Lights Out: How Green Mandates Are Undermining the Affordability and Reliability of Electricity, explores the real costs and benefits of Biden’s plan.

Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry has himself admitted: “Almost 90 percent of all of the planet’s global emissions come from outside of U.S. borders. We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved.”

On this, as in little else, Kerry is right: Even assuming every signatory to the Paris Agreement (the US included, as pledged under President Obama) fulfilled its emissions commitments, the climate impact “is minuscule.” In measuring the temperature impact of every nation fulfilling every promise by 2030, the total temperature reduction would be 0.048°C (0.086°F) by 2100. Carry those assumptions out another 70 years, and Paris would reduce temperatures by just 0.17°C by 2100.

So what can we realistically expect from the types of proposals Biden is pushing? PTF looked at the results of renewable mandates in Texas, California, and New Mexico to find out.

Based on data from those states, it is clear that Biden’s pledge under the Paris Agreement sets the country on a dangerous trajectory. Green radicals will use it to push their fever dream of a 100 percent “clean” grid, powered by sources that don’t work at night or on cloudy days. These policies destroy good-paying jobs and raise energy prices. It’s time to wake up to these realities with policies that promote fuel diversity, reliability, and affordability—before it’s too late for all of us. (emphasis mine)

Speaking of John Kerry, a few weeks ago we learned about his dedication to the Green Agenda when he appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and admitted that slaves were being used to provide the millions of solar panels he plans on importing to fight global warming — a situation he’s OK with for the time being because the mineral needed to build the panels are abundant there.

Specifically, the solar panels are manufactured by slaves in China known as the Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking people from interior Asia that live for the most part in northwestern China, in the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang. Calling it “a problem,” Kerry told the committee:

“Xinjiang Province not only produces some of the solar panels that we believe are being in some cases produced in forced labor by Uighur[s], but also there are significant amounts of a certain rare earth mineral that’s used in the solar panels themselves.”

I wonder if Biden considers slavery a job creation program.

Of course, the Green Agenda is little more than cover for destroying capitalism and replacing it with communism. This is why Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal has become the baseline when it comes to discussions on the environment and so-called social justice. During the recent celebration of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday — aka Earth Day — AOC and Sen. Ed Markey re-introduced her Green New Deal to Congress.

Unfortunately, the Trumpist Republican Party is complicit in the Green Agenda. Sure, party “leadership” is repeating the fake war on socialism they used leading up to the 2020 election ahead of 2022, but Republicans, Nationalists, and other so-called conservatives have adopted a socialism-lite approach to environmental policy with the Green New Deal “alternatives” they have proposed in the House and Senate over the past few years.

Millions of green energy jobs and an end to global warming? That’s nothing but a far-left pipe dream.


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