McConnell sold out on filibuster, joins Democrats to pass Biden’s agenda

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Mitch McConnell sold out on filibuster, joins Democrats to pass Biden’s agenda

When Mitch McConnell sold out to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi by giving Democrats a waiver on the filibuster, and therefore, allowing them to raise the debt ceiling with a simple majority vote, he helped advance Joe Biden’s big government, liberty-killing agenda one step closer to reality.

Say goodbye to liberty and hello to tyranny.

Designed to give the impression that Democrats alone would be responsible for bankrupting America and the coming socialism apocalypse, the reality is that McConnell’s offer to Chuck and Nancy of a “carveout” in the filibuster rule allows Republicans to continue their charade as the conservative alternative to the far-left, even though both parties want the same thing.

A long, long time ago — actually, it was May 2021 — McConnell put Democrats on notice when he promised at a press conference to put “100%” of his focus on stopping Joe Biden (via NBC News):

“One-hundred percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration,” McConnell said, adding, “We’re confronted with severe challenges from a new administration, and a narrow majority of Democrats in the House and a 50-50 Senate to turn America into a socialist country, and that’s 100 percent of my focus.”

Mickey’s bold declaration didn’t appear to intimidate Biden nor the Democrats. Immediately afterward, Biden said he wasn’t buying the “kill everything” talk from the man who promised in 2010 to make Obama a one-term president, and it looks Uncle Joe is right.

Following a White House meeting between McConnell, Biden, VP Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy where they discussed Biden’s faux-infrastructure plan, the Kentucky Senator said there is a “great chance” Republicans and Democrats could reach an agreement on an infrastructure bill.

McConnell and 16 other Republicans reached an agreement with Democrats in August. And despite more tough talk from McConnell and crew, this victory provided the impetus Biden and the Democrats needed to reach their ultimate goal of eliminating the filibuster to make it easier to enact their extremist agenda.

Immediately following passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi went to work on Biden’s $3.5 trillion-plus “human infrastructure” plan (Build Back Better) and raising the debt ceiling. Once again, McConnell played the “Democrats bad, Republicans good” card and promised that Republicans would “hold the line” on raising the debt ceiling until Democrats got spending under control.

Apparently, the line is no longer being held, because McConnell has reached an agreement with Chuck Schumer to allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling by removing the filibuster (via Breitbart):

The tentative deal between McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) would suspend the Senate’s 60-vote filibuster rules for one month to consider the debt ceiling provision.

This would allow McConnell to have a modest victory as Democrats have successfully beaten back McConnell’s strategy to force Democrats to raise the debt ceiling through reconciliation or through the $1.7 trillion Build Back Better Act.

This serves as a “stunning turnaround” for McConnell, who made “blanket opposition” to raising the debt ceiling central to his political strategy this summer.

Essentially, this proposal would create a temporary filibuster carveout to allow for McConnell and Schumer to share a victory. (emphasis mine)

Ah, ain’t that sweet? McConnell and Schumer are sharing.

This arrangement allows both parties to return to their constituents and lie about how they are keeping their promises while simultaneously pointing the finger of blame at the other guy for the coming destruction of America — a Republican/Democrat duopoly win-win.

This “temporary” lifting of the filibuster is setting the stage for future “negotiations” on liberty issues, such as gun rights (via Gun Owners of America):

The Senate filibuster is the only thing that keeps gun control from passing right now. Without the filibuster, anti-gun Democrats will be able to pass gun control and much more with a mere 51 votes in the Senate. They will be able to:

    • Pass gun bans and registration, including Universal Background Checks
    • Override state election laws to allow for greater voter fraud
    • Pack the courts so that new judges will approve Biden’s gun control agenda

This is why anti-gun Democrats want to destroy the filibuster. And they are using a “debt ceiling crisis” as the foot in the door to weaken the filibuster.

GOP Senators don’t want to vote to raise the debt ceiling, but they want the debt ceiling to be raised so they don’t have to deal with it

[Likewise], GOP Senators don’t want to vote to pass gun control, but they want gun control to be passed so they don’t have to deal with it.

If you want to take action on this threat to the Second Amendment, go here for GOA’s easy-to-use page to send your Senators an email.

Obviously, this whole scenario is just a replay of the lying, cheating, and stealing McConnell always engages in when he’s trying to protect his position of political power.

For example, when Republicans were facing defeat ahead of the 2020 election, McConnell recycled every broken campaign promise made in 2016. He also promised to make the Republican Party a “firewall” against the socialist agenda of the Democrats, and he further promised to be the “Grim Reaper” of death for their far-left agenda.

To be fair, I have to give some credit to McConnell for making some progress in the Grim Reaper department; after living off the taxpayers for so many years that he is now the longest-serving Republican Senate leader in history, he does look a lot like death warmed-over.

Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, Trump, McConnell, and the rest of the Republican Party were never going to stop the far-left. Under their so-called “leadership” during the Trump presidency, Republicans were instrumental in advancing the Democrat agenda in areas like paid family leave, the Green New Deal, the expansion of government-run healthcare, and the passage of gun control laws.

McConnell has played the “repeat broken promises” card before — Kentucky voters have fallen for it in his six reelection campaigns — and as the former majority leader desperate to win back his lost throne, he’s playing it again in a lame attempt to hide his partnership with Democrats as they work hand-in-hand to destroy liberty.


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