Is McConnell dumping Trump to protect RINO incumbents?

Dead GOPAs the Republican party faces the strong likelihood of down-ticket losses with Donald Trump as their presidential nominee–and as a result, GOP control of the Senate–Mitch McConnell is stuck between a rock and a hard place as he struggles to find a way to protect his job as the Senate Majority Leader.

After endorsing Trump in May, McConnell recently expressed his doubts that the New York Liberal is qualified to be president–an understandable conundrum when you consider, based on his job performance, that he is clearly unqualified to be the leader of the Senate after convincing America that he was.

Now, as he faces the potential loss of the White House and the Senate in November, Mickey is preparing a strategy to save enough seats to keep the majority. Unfortunately, as we have seen since 2014, keeping the majority simply means that we will have to endure two more years of rubber-stamping the Democrat agenda.

In the good old days, having the leader of the party working to protect the party was a good thing. Unfortunately for Conservatives, McConnell’s “help” will be modeled after the strategy he used in 2014 designed to protect as many incumbents as possible while working against T.E.A. Party and other Conservative candidates.

And even when the Republican candidate isn’t an incumbent, such as we have in Colorado where Darryl Glenn–the candidate endorsed by Ted Cruz–won a decisive victory to become the GOP candidate, McConnell’s 2014 strategy makes little to no funds available for these candidates in the general election. Besides, as he has already made known, McConnell plans to do all he can to bar another Ted Cruz from joining him in the Senate.

Of course, this whole dilemma is McConnell’s own doing. His spineless leadership since 2014–essentially letting Harry Reid run the show–created one of the greatest leadership failures ever, leading to the frustration that gave us Donald Trump in the first place.

There are some who think that Mickey might be secretly pulling for Hillary against Trump because it could help him raise money for his Re-elect the RINOs campaign. After declining to say whether Trump was qualified to be president as we mentioned above, McConnell told a New York TV station that he considered Hillary to be “intelligent and capable,” indicating that he is clearly playing the self-interested middle ground.

Draw your own conclusions.

In the end, McConnell created this problem, and even as he appears to be making an effort to fix it, his ideas are simply another attempt to do whatever he needs to in order to protect his pathetic pocket of power . . . Conservatives and America be damned!


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