New report makes it official – McConnell worse than Reid

McConnell and ReidA few days ago I wrote a piece calling for Mitch McConnell to follow John Boehner and resign from his leadership position due to his repeated failure to even attempt to stop Obama as he promised, his outright betrayal of the Conservative base, his willingness to pass legislation with more Democrats than Republicans, and his now well-established track record of letting Harry Reid set the agenda.

Now, thanks to a new report obtained by, we have proof of these accusations against the spineless wonder from Kentucky.

In the report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), it has been revealed that Mickey is the worst Senate Majority Leader in history for the first year of a Congress in terms of shutting down debate using a controversial procedure known as “filling the amendment tree.”

While this is not a new event in the Senate, McConnell has set a record in using the procedural rule. And even that isn’t as troubling as is the fact that he has used this, not to shut down debate from the opposition party such as you would expect, but to shut down debate from the members of his own party.

The report, commissioned by the Democrat Policy and Communications Committee and provided exclusively to Breitbart, shows that McConnell has used the procedure more in the first year of a Congress than any other Majority Leader in history. Based on the tradition that the tactic becomes more frequent in the second year of a Congress, it’s likely that McConnell will increase its use in year two.

Before he took over as majority leader, McConnell criticized Reid for his abuse of the parliamentary tactic as a means to block amendments on the Senate floor, calling it an abuse of the chamber’s rules resulting shutting down debate. But in the first seven months of running the show, McConnell has employed the tactic to push though a myriad of objectives important to Obama. A few examples include:

When challenged a few months ago about his apparent pro-Obama method of doing his job, McConnell’s office simply boasted about how “the Senate is back to work.”

Mitch McConnell is the same spineless, lying RINO that we had in John Boehner. Together, they have done more for the Democrats and the Obama administration than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ever dreamed. And it’s for this reason that the invertebrate Senator from Kentucky needs to resign.

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