Boehner joins McConnell: Caves on Obama’s executive amnesty

John Boehner fiddles while country burns

It looked for a little while like John Boehner had actually grown a pair of testicles when he called out the Democrats in the Senate for filibustering a bill passed in the House that would fully fund the Department of Homeland Security while defunding Obama’s executive amnesty; even going so far as allowing DHS to shut down if the Democrats continued to hold up the bill.

However, in the end, he proved to be just as lacking in the cojones department as his senate counterpart, Mitch “Lyin’ Eyes” McConnell. No wonder you find both of them in the Gutless On Princples (GOP) Hall of Shame.

Providing a major victory to Obama and the Democrats, the Republican leadership—is that ever a contradiction of terms—in the House capitulated on Tuesday when they passed legislation to fund DHS through the end of the budget year, without a single restriction on Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

“I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president,” Boehner told his caucus. “I believe this decision—considering where we are—is the right one for this team, and the right one for this country.” (emphasis mine)

What team is he talking about? And what the heck do you mean your “frustrated” with a president acting unconstitutionally? I don’t care if you’re frustrated. Do your damn job and impeach the socialist dictator if he’s violating the Constitution he swore to uphold. I believe they call that “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

The House passed the measure 257-167, with Boehner voting in favor of surrender. Meanwhile, 2/3 of the Republicans voted against the bill, which proves conclusively that Boehner doesn’t represent the Republican party, and he sure as heck doesn’t represent Conservatives. He’s quite content to vote with progressives of both parties if it allows him to keep his job.

The measure now goes to Obama for his signature.

Conservative leaders were quite upset, arguing that this action amounted to a violation of the Constitution. Meanwhile, the party faithful joined a chorus of Democrats who claimed that a no vote would endanger national security. A lie, because 87% of DHS is required by law to work due to their status as “essential” employees.

Boehner confirmed his insignificance when he pointed out that the issue is now in the hands of the courts. While there is a federal court ruling that has temporarily blocked Obama from implementing his executive action, the outcome of the case is still uncertain. Even with a win, it will come too late to stop Obama. Besides, with the stacking of the courts we’ve seen under Obama and Harry Reid, there’s very little comfort to be had with a court case; not to mention that Congress has the authority to stop it if they wanted to.

One of the GOP rallying cries leading up to the November 2014 elections was that we needed to vote Republican in order to unseat Harry Reid as the Senate leader. This was the only way, we were told, to get the country back on track while stopping Obama’s agenda.

How’s that workin’ for ya, America?

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