McConnell and Boehner prepare to surrender to baby killers


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The atrocities taking place under the roof of Planned Parenthood are nothing short of a full-blown holocaust on the unborn. Over the past few weeks, we have learned that not only are the body parts of aborted babies being harvested for profit—I thought it was just tissue—but in many cases aborted babies are born and kept alive in order to get the freshest product to the black market, and then butchered in ways too inhumane to imagine.

Rightfully so, an uprising is taking place within the Conservative ranks of the Republican party to shut down the baby-killing factory, beginning with ending the over $500 million in taxpayer funding they receive. And right now is a perfect opportunity to do just that as Congress must deal with the new budget before the end of September.

Unfortunately, Congress is still led by the spineless duo of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner; and they are making preparations to find a way to continue financing Planned Parenthood in a way that will make it look like they are actually doing something.

In an article from Conservative Review, Brian Darling gives us a snapshot of what this might actually look like:

(The Republicans) have come up with an idea that inside the beltway geeks love. It is the “Let’s Have Hearings and Study the Issue Strategy.” The easiest way to slow walk an issue and avoid a fight is to study it. They argue that a series of hearings would build an “overwhelming case” against (Planned Parenthood). Hearings are a classic shiny object for politicians because they think they can use a hearing to avoid doing their real job — legislating.

A Politico story on the Republican plan to cave to the “war on women” meme thrown around whenever money to murder the unborn is discussed, they are reporting that “Boehner and his team would prefer to build bipartisan opposition to funding the group through a series of high-profile Congressional investigations.”

Translation? I need a way to continue funding the mass-murder of unborn children in a way that will make it look like I tried to stop it.

Darling goes on to conclude:

The House Freedom Caucus and a handful of T.E.A. Party-minded senators are expected to oppose the idea of funding Planned Parenthood while Congress holds toothless hearings that are set up for the sole purpose of avoiding a fight.

Over the next few weeks you are going to see a parade of Senate and House members of the surrender caucus—those who believe that the strategy of surrender is helpful, because if they don’t fight then they will be blameless when Republicans fail—say the following:

“I have been rated one of the most pro-life members of Congress and I get an A+ rating from all pro-life groups. Nobody takes a back seat to me on pro-life issues, but…”

These squishy members will cry about a filibuster in the Senate and President Obama’s promised veto of any appropriations bill that does not fully fund Planned Parenthood. You can never win if you don’t fight. Preemptive surrender (#8 of the Rules for RINOs) is never a good strategy.

From his days as minority leader to his current gig as majority leader, surrendering to Obama in order to protect his ass is classic McConnell “leadership,” particularly when faced with using the constitutional power of the purse in order to stop Obama’s radical agenda.

Inside-the-beltway Republicans have tried the “let’s do nothing and hope that Democrats make a mistake and give us the next election” strategy before; most recently in 2012. It doomed Mitt Romney to defeat then, and it will doom the 2016 Republican nominee next year.

Babies are being slaughtered! It’s time to dig in and fight! It’s not only time to defund Planned Parenthood — it’s time to have them tried for crimes against humanity.



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