Things that ONLY happen where liberals govern

NY Go Topless Day

Some headlines you see and know instantly ‘this could only be San Francisco, or New York City, or Seattle’ or –take your pick of places where liberals have been in control for decades. The “GoTopless Day Parades” which took place in various liberal cities around the nation on Sunday fall squarely into such a category.

As has been noted here before, liberalism is “unhappyism.” America’s liberals are obsessed with finding some sort of cause to protest, shout “UNFAIR!” and take to the streets over. This past weekend was no exception. Nearly-naked women (and men) marched up and down  streets of our most liberal-laden cities on Sunday in an effort to start a new annual parade, protest, statement, …who really knows what… kind of event to encourage more public nudity.  None more over-the-top and prominent than the march/parade/protest in New York City.

In NYC bare-chested women and men paraded down the Great White Way and into Times Square where they held an impromptu rally much to the surprise of startled tourists milling around the iconic landmark where a giant lighted ball drops every New Year’s Eve. The GoTopless Pride Parade took to the streets of Manhattan in part to counter critics complaining about the topless tip-seekers in Times Square. Seems people come to NYC wanting to see tourist sights, not soft-core porn actresses flashing flesh and expecting passersby to pay for it.

Sunday’s parade in NYC was one among dozens of such events celebrating “GoTopless Day.” A day which basically no one even knew existed. New York GoTopless spokeswoman Rachel Jessee said the goal is for gender equality when it comes to baring one’s chest.

And so in this latest quest for “gender equality” they came, marched, danced, protested, drank, posed for pictures and just generally hung around. Protesting “The Man”, who’s keeping women down by encouraging blouses. They were topless and in some cases naked, in full view of God, families with young children or anyone else in the vicinity.

Decency? Morality? Family values? All going the way of the dodo bird where liberalism doth rule the day. Though we can’t recommend it, a photo gallery (pretty much PG-13 rated) can be found here: NYC GoTopless Day Parade.



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