Marco Rubio: More dead babies equals more dead mosquitoes

rubio-flip-flopThere are millions of reasons for Conservatives to be frustrated with the GOP establishment, but #1 on the hit parade is their willingness to sellout on key issues in exchange for personal political benefit. It’s one of the reasons I created the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame.

Usually their sellouts don’t occur until after they have our vote safely tucked-away in their back pocket–in other words, after the election–but in the case of the US Senate race in Florida, Marco Rubio is looking to beat the Christmas rush.

In a re-election bid that a few months ago didn’t exist, Rubio is struggling to find a way to regain the lost ground he has surrendered to his Democrat challenger, Rep. Patrick Murphy. One of the reasons the former presidential candidate finds himself in this predicament is his failure to secure government funding to battle the possible spread of the mosquito-born Zika virus.

While doing very little to seriously address the issue prior to Congress’ recent 10-day vacation–got to get out there and pick those pockets, I mean raise campaign funds–Rubio recommended that he and his colleagues spend their time off figuring out a way to cough up the cash needed to fund the Zika battle protect his re-election.

So what kind of brainstorm did Rubio come up with during his 10 days off? He decided that a spending bill designed to fund the government through the election, and must pass by the end of September in order to avoid a government shutdown, needs to be modified.

Remember when McConnell promised to end gridlock and pass real budgets? Good times…

Anyway, the modification Rubio is proposing would remove a section designed to reduce taxpayer-funding of Planned Parenthood in exchange for Democrat votes favoring funds to battle Zika. This provision has been a source of contention with Democrats, and it’s the primary reason they have filibustered Zika funding three times.

Such compromises with the life issue aren’t that uncommon in the world of gutless Republicans. In 2010 John McCain put such issues on the back burner, and he has taken no solidly pro-life position in his current re-election.

When it comes to protecting the right to life for the unborn, there can be no compromise. Sadly, Marco Rubio is convinced that killing a few unborn babies is the price we need to pay in order to kill a few mosquitoes . . . and buy a few votes.


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