How gov’t is misdiagnosing the drug crisis, making it worse, and limiting freedoms

The government is lying to us about the nature, timing, and cause of the drug overdose crisis. In this long and in-depth interview with Dr. John Lilly, we prove through incontrovertible data that this is not a prescription opioid crisis, but an illicit drug crisis driven by open borders. The political class solution of drug monitoring programs and clamping down on prescriptions is needlessly putting people in pain and exacerbating the problems.

What the government is doing on opioids is the equivalent of responding to a raging forest fire set by an arsonist by banning stoves in individual law-abiding homes and putting all “problem-solving” resources into people’s homes rather than in the forest battling the fire.
Dr. John Lilly is a family physician with Mercy Clinic, formerly St. John’s, in Springfield, Missouri. He is the president of the Locke and Smith Foundation, a constitutionalist, pro-liberty group that monitors the Missouri state legislature.

This is the next big issue in Congress, and the very people who caused and then exacerbated the problem are trying to make it worse by practicing medicine from Washington, wasting billions in taxpayer dollars, and limiting your freedoms and privacy.

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