GOP establishment plan to hijack convention gaining steam

Republican political suicideA few weeks ago I wrote about Mitt Romney’s sudden involvement in the Republican presidential primaries, and how I saw this as an effort to clear the way for him to become the nominee through a brokered or contested convention.

Despite his repeated denials that he isn’t interested in running, Romney has gone on the record with the admission that he would consider running if nominated.

Even though Reince Priebus continues to deny it, the idea of a fractured convention is right in line with the desires of the Republican establishment. Just yesterday Rep. John Boehner stated that will push for Rep. Paul Ryan to be the nominee:

“If we don’t have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I’m for none of the above. They all had a choice to win. None of them won. So I’m for none of the above. I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.”

Yes, that would be the same Paul Ryan who ran and lost as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012. Interestingly, the Wisconson RINO claims, just as Romney does, that he’s not interested in the job. But it should be noted that he said the same thing about becoming the Speaker of the House when Boehner resigned just before he accepted the job.

Now we have word from the Kasich campaign that he is willing to do his part to ensure a convention fight. After his win in Ohio, the only win for the “moderate” Republican, Kasich was mathematically eliminated from obtaining the required majority of delegates to win the nomination prior to the convention. Instead of doing the right thing, Kasich stated that he plans to keep his campaign going, saying that a contested convention would be “exciting.”

Yeah, it’s always exciting when big bully establishment politicians have the opportunity to crush the will of the people.

The establishment GOP created this mess when they changed the primary rules in an effort to stack the deck in favor of establishment candidates, in addition to squandering the goodwill of the conservative base after they helped flip Congress to Republican control in 2014.

If this scheme to hijack the convention succeeds, the Republican party will be destroyed, and Hillary Clinton will be elected president in November.


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