Faux-conservatives helping Trump with his coronavirus blame-shifting

As we approach the thirty-day mark of Trump’s “it’s not my fault” cover-up campaign in response to his failure to address the coronavirus pandemic and the havoc it is wreaking on the economy, I’m sad to report little has changed. In fact, it is much worse, and by “it,” I mean his blame-shifting.

After he initially refused to take responsibility for his lack of leadership and blaming Democrats for “politicizing the Coronavirus” in order to bring him down for doing “one of the great jobs” as President, Trump, his loyalists in the GOP, and the Faux-conservative media have pulled out all the stops in a desperate attempt to save his self-destructive presidency.

A few days ago, Sen. Tom Cotton suggested that Trump’s failure to address the coronavirus pandemic was due to the “distraction” of the Senate’s make-believe impeachment trial — a claim recently adopted by Mitch McConnell. When asked by a reporter earlier this week if impeachment distracted him, Trump said it didn’t, then said it did, then said it didn’t before concluding that it actually distracted Democrats as evidenced by their inaction concerning the pandemic until after the impeachment trial was over.

Right on cue, Ben Shapiro provided cover for Trump in a Tweet where he claimed that “every major Democrat didn’t take [coronavirus] seriously until early March either.”

Shapiro was bombarded with facts decimating his ridiculous claim, including a letter dated February 13 and signed by 27 Democrat Senators, including Chuck Schumer, urging the White House to take action. Prior to that letter, Schumer called on Trump to declare the coronavirus outbreak a “public health emergency.”


One of Donald Trump’s mouthpieces, Donald Trump, Jr., has been a participant in the “blame Democrats” for Daddy’s failures game. In an appearance in Fox & Friends a month ago, Junior not only blamed Democrats for the damage COVID-19 was causing his father’s campaign, he accused Democrats of hoping it “kills millions of people so that they can end Donald Trump’s streak of winning.”

Again, right on cue, the BlazeTV pro-Trump echo chamber provided cover for Junior’s ridiculous claim. During negotiations on the $2 trillion CARES Act, Mark Levine attacked Democrats for not willingly accepting the “trillions Republicans want to spend” by accusing Pelosi of “playing games” and ignoring the people who “are sick and dying.”

You know, I remember a time when so-called conservatives like Levine would have cheered a Democrat for holding up a spending bill. But in the words of Mary Hopkin, “Those were the days.”

A few weeks ago, Trump boldly declared, “I don’t take responsibility” for my coronavirus failures.

Truer words have never been spoken, which is why Trump will continue to blame everyone he can and why sycophants in GOP and the media will continue providing him cover when he does so. As Joe Walsh recently tweeted:


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