Even with odds a million to one against us, we can reclaim liberty

Reclaiming liberty there's a chance

Even with odds a million to one against us, we can still reclaim liberty

In today’s political and spiritual climate, it’s a challenge not to abandon all hope that we’ll ever reclaim liberty, but I’ve been reminded recently that even with odds a million to one against us, there’s still a chance.

Recently, I posted an update on the Great (Strident Conservative) Reset following a heart attack that served as a reminder that time is growing short, and that I need to refocus my energies to getting things done before it’s too late.

I have always believed that my mission as The Strident Conservative is to be a voice in the wilderness calling on all who will listen to return to conservative values and liberty. But following that calling has often led to feelings of loneliness — feelings that intensified in the Age of Trump and COVID tyranny — and these feelings often tempt me to conclude that we’re living in the last days of liberty and freedom in America.

Following my heart attack, however, God has been reminding me of the incredible things he’s been able to accomplish through people even when the odds would appear to be stacked against them.

Not long ago, I decided to reset my alarm clock radio to a Christian music station instead of local talk radio. Recently, I awoke one morning to a song by Matthew West entitled What If and it hit me right where I’m living right now when it comes to fighting the feeling that the million to one odds of reclaiming liberty are too great to overcome:

Here are some of the lyrics I found particularly encouraging:

I’ve heard ’em say before to live just like you’re dying, yeah
Wish I could say that’s how I am but I’d be lying, yeah
And lying in my bed at night one too many times just thinking
What if, what if

My biggest fear is waking up to find what matters
Is miles away from what I spent my life chasing after
Is my story gonna have the same two words in every chapter?
What if, what if

But last I checked this heart inside my chest
Is still beating
Well I guess it’s not too late

What if today’s the only day I got?
I don’t wanna waste it if it’s my last shot
No regrets, in the end
I wanna know I got no what ifs
I’m running till the road runs out
I’m lighting it up right here right now
No regrets, in the end
I wanna know I got no what ifs, yeah (Emphasis mine)

In the meme I’m using for today’s post, you probably recognize Jim Carrey playing the role of Lloyd Christmas from the movie Dumb and Dumber. After watching it recently, I found encouragement in the scene where Lloyd is asking Mary about the chances of them becoming a couple:

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

This scene from the movie served as the inspiration for the title of today’s post. Allow me to adjust the script to show you why:

What are the chances of reclaiming liberty in America?

Not good.

Not good like one out of a hundred?

More like one out of a million.

So, you’re telling me there’s a chance.

The explosion of liberty-killing big government at the hands of far-left Democrats — with lots of help from Republican vagabonds devoid of conservative values — simply cannot be underestimated. This is why I choose to be an equal opportunity critic of these frauds instead of a cheerleader because truth is more important than going along to get along.

The destruction of true conservatism, the rise of far-left socialism, and the assault on liberty is no longer in doubt. The only question remaining is how will we respond? For me, even if the odds of reclaiming liberty are a million to one against us, there’s still a chance, which means I’m going to live my life with no “what ifs” because liberty is worth fighting for.

And even after suffering a heart attack, as long as my heart’s still beating, it’s not too late.

One last thought before I close: My resolve to fight the odds against reclaiming liberty is stronger, but I still need your help.

Nearly two years ago, I posted an article based on a book I’ve been working on about how our government has become a new “axis of evil” and enemy of liberty as a reminder that our fight is for liberty, not politics as usual.

Since that time, I have had mixed results from publishers and agents concerning getting it published via traditional means. One of the hurdles I’m facing is my unwillingness to play along to get along with Conservative, Inc., particularly members of the faux conservative media who chose to compromise conservative values to become allies of Donald Trump.

One such criticism, based partially on personal experience, involved Salem Media after they rejected conservatism and un-ceremoniously cleaned house of “anti-Trump” writers and radio personalities to make room for notable Trumpists like Sebastian Gorka and Charlie Kirk.

Unfortunately, many of the “conservative” book publishers are subsidiaries of the Salem empire, which means my book no longer fits their publishing criteria. However, I can still publish my book using the same method once used by the likes of Mark Twain: self-publishing.

Self-publishing can be done many ways, but to ensure that my book stacks up against the big names with bigger platforms than mine, I need to raise thousands of dollars, which is why I’ve decided to work with Story Builders, a creative team whose focus is crafting compelling books, resources, and experiences that will have a positive impact. As professional writers, Story Builders has brought many books to life and have worked with top names in the conservative political space, from U.S. Congressmen to influencers in media.

To this end, I’m announcing the launch of my fundraising campaign hosted by Give Send Go.

Another way you can help, if you’re a believer, is to pray for The Strident Conservative and my book project. The spiritual warfare against me is always intense, but the battle in the heavenlies has grown in intensity lately. As Ephesian 6:12 tells us, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

How about you? Are you ready to live a life with no what ifs? Are you ready to join me in the fight for liberty against million to one odds?

I hope the answer to both of those questions is “yes.”


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative. He holds people of every political stripe accountable for their failure to uphold conservative values, and he promotes those values instead of political parties.

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