Dr. Ben Carson’s alternative to Obamacare – Part Three

Ben CarsonIn the usual back and forth between the Democrats who want socialized medicine and the rest of the world who don’t, the Saul Alinsky-ites of the left often rail about the lack of an alternative from the Republicans. Besides the fact that this is total bovine fecal matter—Bobby Jindal’s proposal for example—there have been many alternatives offered to improve our previous system without nuking it and turning it into a system like the one that brought you the V.A. scandal.

As the new chairman of the Save Our Healthcare Project (a part of the American Legacy PAC), Dr. Carson is releasing a five-part series on how we can get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that might actually work:

Part Three (see below for links to previous episodes) of the Save Our Healthcare “Remedy for a Free & Healthy America” is Access for Every American.

There is a small percentage of Americans with pre-existing conditions, complex medical problems, and developmental disabilities who have challenges engaging with our healthcare system.

This is a problem we can solve by letting the free-market work for vast majority of Americans, and encourage specific, targeted solutions for the highest-cost and most vulnerable.

America is a responsible, caring and just society, and we should ensure that every American has access to healthcare. But we must do this by expanding choice and access, not through government control and mandates.

For more background on how policies like high-risk pools can help to cover those with pre-existing conditions, you can read these two articles by James Capretta and Tim Miller, one from 2014 and one from 2010.

We aren’t making any endorsements of any candidate or political action committee. However, I think it’s important to know that some very wise men and women have some great ideas on how to fix the mess Obamacare has created by replacing it with new, free market-based ideas. Dr. Carson’s background as a neurosurgeon alone makes him more qualified on this subject than the hundreds of “we have to pass the bill so you can know what is in it” Democrats who gave us the Affordable Care Act disaster.

We will be providing all of the 5-part plan as they are released. Watch them. Learn from them. And then decide if perhaps there isn’t a better way.


Previous parts of the plan: