Democrats debate socialist agenda even a Republican could love

The Democrats held their one-millionth presidential debate last night — or was it just the fifth debate with a million candidates? — in Atlanta, GA. And fresh off his newfound status as the leader in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, Pete Buttigieg was the primary target of his fellow Democrats as they lined up to attack his policies.

Many of the bombs lobbed at the South Bend, IN mayor came from the self-identified Native American senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. And as has often been the case in past debates, one of the big battles between the two last night was in the area of healthcare.

Buttigieg has repeatedly attacked Warren’s Bernie Sanders-inspired Medicare for All healthcare plan — a full-blown government takeover of the healthcare system that will be owned and operated by Big Brother. Warren’s plan completely eliminates the private health insurance industry, and she plans to finance it by raising income and other taxes to historic levels on the middle class and the “super rich.”

However, Buttigieg’s objections are in-name-only because he too supports the use of Medicare to create a “single payer” (ala Medicare for All) healthcare system, but would still involve some of the private sector so long as it doesn’t “[leave] Americans to the tender mercies of corporations.”

While Trump and the GOP have adopted a “vote Republican because #notSocialist” strategy for the 2020 election, one poll after another shows that their tactic is likely to fail.

Recent polling shows a frightening willingness by younger voters to replace capitalism with socialism to address their issues (i.e. more “free” stuff). And on the issue of healthcare, a majority of voters of all ages and party affiliations said in a Hill-HarrisX poll released yesterday that they were willing to pay more taxes if it meant all Americans could receive health insurance.

The nationwide survey of 1000 registered voters showed that 55 percent would support paying more in taxes to ensure that everyone could receive health insurance, compared to 45 percent who said they wouldn’t support such a move.

The trends we are seeing in these polls are real, but Trump and the GOP have been showing a liberty-killing desire to create what I call a “conservative socialist” alternative to many of the issues important to the Far-Left, including the healthcare issue. In fact, Trump and McConnell have promised to unveil such an alternative addressing the healthcare issue if voters will give them back their majority in 2020.

Let’s see . . . seems to me we’ve heard that one before.

Socialism is growing in popularity with voters, the Republican/Democrat duopoly wants those votes, and that means they will work together to advance socialism. In the name of protecting their power and political self-interests, traitors in both parties have made the death of liberty a forgone conclusion . . . unless we commit lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to fight for it.


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