COVID ‘evidence-based’ policies aren’t really evidence-based at all

COVID evidence-based policies

COVID ‘evidence-based’ policies aren’t really evidence-based at all

Throughout the so-called pandemic, tyrants have claimed that their liberty-killing COVID policies are “evidence-based” even though they aren’t really evidence-based at all.

There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of doctors and scientists around the world who have concluded that the science used to rationalize never-ending lockdowns and vaccine mandates is inconclusive, unnecessarily totalitarian, and fundamentally flawed.

Some of the most prominent and qualified among them have testified that there’s more to the science of both the virus and “vaccines” than we’ve been allowed to consider. And even as the safety and efficacy of the vaccines crash as mask mandates and lockdowns come into question, tyrants continue wielding the sledgehammer of COVID propaganda against us.

Clearly, the objectivity of science and medicine has been politically highjacked.

Since the onset of COVID, far too many have decided not to step outside party lines regardless of their expertise or credentials because they know that everything they say will be labeled as misinformation/disinformation by “trusted news initiatives” and the army of well-funded so-called fact-checkers the world over. Even NATO has been providing cover in support of the global war against “deniers” and the vaccine hesitant.

From the very beginning, the narrative of COVID lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports has been set in stone. One of the reasons, of course, is the trillions of dollars to be made by spreading the lie. But the money is merely an appetizer for the real power to be reaped from the Great Reset of the global society called for via the “build back better” mantra being echoed around the world.

Speaking of “Build Back Better,” Joe Biden and John Kerry are fully on board with the objectives of the Great Reset.

Collectively these stakeholders form a colossal global corporate-government-partnership, the extent of which goes far beyond the mere financial interests of big pharma and the government as they are mere partners in a Global Leviathan which includes nearly the whole of academia, social media, news orgs, national governments, NGO’s, the IMF, WEF, WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO.

In addition to controlling doctors and social media, the Leviathan plans to “harness the power” of every single one of our conversations in order to “build collective action” toward “[their] collective truth.” It also seeks to control the narrative in areas such as “climate justice, economic inequality, gender parity, and structural racism.”

The culmination of these objectives being the pragmatic and interpretive genius of evidence-based policy making. From this platform, all science, all truth, all knowledge, and all information in the world can be reorganized in favor of any and all progressive policy narratives.

COVID evidence-based policies are NOT what most people think they are because they aren’t based on scientific evidence. To the contrary, it’s pragmatically formulated by policy makers as the dialectal synapsis between actual scientific data and the needs of central planning. Objectively pure science — or the notion that there is such a thing — is emphatically dismissed as having “limited use to policymakers” as it places science over policy.

Nothing can trump the policy of central planners because progressive collectivism implies individuals can’t be trusted to think or act right on their own. Therefore, they must be psychologically manipulated into thinking collectively “according to our own biases.”

This is where the mind games begin. Drawing on “psychological insights,” easily understood narratives are formulated using “community management skills” to “harness the wisdom of crowds.” Once formulated, policy narratives are then disseminated to the masses through “knowledge managers” or “Knowledge management for policy initiatives.”

Doctors, allegedly our “most trusted source of information on vaccines,” are participating in the deception as agents of an international corporate-government partnership to leverage that trust against us. In the name of building confidence in the “vaccine,” they ignore that:

  • The CDC had to change the definition of the word “vaccine” to fit the narrative
  • The “vaccine” has less than a 1% efficacy against the virus with at most has a .04% (IFR) mortality risk (99.96% survival rate) for those under 55, assuming that all of the documented deaths were actually FROM COVID
  • The “vaccine” has over one million documented adverse events of its own, including over 21,000 deaths as of 12/31/21, with as little as 1% being reported.

Just like communist China and North Korea, it’s now the mission of U.S. doctors (per the CDC) to bolster the party line and “take visible actions to build trust in… the system in coordination with federal, state, and local agencies and partners.” Who could have imagined that visits to the doctor would become scripted events where you are subjected to psychological manipulation from doctors using step-by-step instructions developed by the American Psychological Association to push vaccines?

The final blow to liberty from evidence-based policies comes from the implied hierarchy of evidence. In evidence-based medicine, the hierarchy establishes what procedures produce the most scientifically sound evidence. But collectivist EBP central planners interpret it differently to allow their policy narrative to reign supreme. As Britannica puts it, “evidence derived from field-based observations…from local knowledge emerging from the lived experience…is implicitly disallowed.”

If you’ve been wondering how and why the expertise of dissenting doctors and scientists has come to be overruled by PolitiFact, there it is. Since the discretion of doctors and scientists can be revoked by the evidence-based policy hierarchy, the discretion and expertise of any and every other profession under the sun.

Creating evidence-based policies requires that all truth and knowledge to be centralized for planners to utilize as they see fit — a revelation that explains how the “truth” of revolutionary communist/anarchist doctrine has become “evidence” for policy narratives based on redistributive climate change, disparate impact, implicit bias, and structural racism.

In response to both Trump’s “fake news” quip and the need to safeguard policy narratives, the tenets of EBP have been fused with the missions of every Leviathan partner — medical, psychological, academic, government, and news agency/fact checkers world-wide.  They’ve even been codified into executive orders and federal law. And in order to facilitate the worldwide “misinformation” hunt, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) have been taught to tens of thousands of journalists from hundreds of countries through the U.N.

In the end, COVID evidence-based policies are essentially the progressive virus of judicial supremacy gone wilder. It doesn’t matter what the data or the Constitution says, only how the planners interpret it. This is how Dredd Scott and Roe-v-Wade was able to deny blacks and the unborn their personhood. And it’s how the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Biden vaccine mandate case upheld the rights of some while denying them to others.

Under the implied interpretive license and hierarchy of evidence-based policies, the whole of the Great Global Leviathan is targeting the personhood of the whole of humankind, vaccinated or not, to deny the individual rights and liberty to anyone of their choosing and cast them out of society altogether.


Joe Marshall was born and raised in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. He is a married father of two grown sons, an outdoorsman, a landscape contractor, a former stock car owner and driver, a certified 4H firearms instructor, and a retired New York State corrections officer.

Joe is the author of the book, Last Call for Liberty