Counting the cost of being a Christian constitutional conservative in 2020

counting the cost Christian constitutional conservative

In today’s political and spiritual climate, I often find myself counting the cost of being a Christian constitutional conservative in 2020.

In that vein, I’ve shared with you how my mission to be a leading voice in the call for a return to faith, the Constitution, and conservative values means I find myself walking a lonely road — a road that has grown much lonelier in 2020.

I’ve also shared how, despite the odds being overwhelmingly against me, I choose to continue fighting the Republican establishment in both Washington and in the media in much the same way Neo fought the machine world in The Matrix.

Counting the cost has meant separating myself from media conglomerates like Salem Radio Network and faux conservative pro-Trump echo chambers like BlazeTV.

Now, with coronavirus hysteria sweeping the nation, counting the cost means accepting the reality that many who identify as Christian no longer support me. Worse, they have surrendered to government tyranny and oppression; accepting mandates and executive orders without question.

Since I refuse to join them in their surrender, these Coronavirus Christians accuse me of violating Romans 13 (the infamous “submit to government authority” Scripture) and proclaim that I’m not pro-life enough because, apparently, refusing to wear a mask is equal to murdering an unborn child.

Counting the cost in the coronavirus hysteria age has meant a loss of financial support. People who still believe in liberty and the mission of The Strident Conservative want to contribute financially but are unable to do so — despite living in the “greatest economy in the history of America” as Donald Trump claims.

This has resulted in a double-whammy for people like me who are already at a financial disadvantage since I refuse to play the establishment’s game by spreading pro-Trump and other Republican propaganda.

A little over a year ago, I launched the Power of Two as a way for people to financially support the mission of The Strident Conservative for as little as $2/mo. In the beginning, it was successful in raising enough money every month to pay the day-to-day expenses with a little left over to cover the cost of expanding into radio, public speaking, and many other areas.

But as I mentioned above, most of this support is gone.

However, our goals remain the same, and I still want to do the things I mentioned when I launched the Power of Two last year.

I still want to start a one-hour podcast. This will require new funds to upgrade my home studio and pay the production and distribution costs. My hope is that once this podcast gets enough national exposure, advertisers who agree with my conservative message will join in and subsidize it.

I still want to hire someone to manage social media. I still want to hire a publicist or PR person to promote the Strident Conservative for speaking and TV/radio appearances. I still want to create some Strident Conservative bling to reward new and current supporters. And I still want to hire — and pay — a writing staff.

Thanks to the past generosity of many, I’ve been able to upgrade my website (with more upgrades to come), get a logo designed, and pay for some small-scale advertising. And while I’m extremely grateful for each and every donation that made these things possible, I could still use more help.

Currently, my out-of-pocket expenses for the “big ticket” items like the production and distribution of my two-minute daily radio feature runs into thousands of dollars, and it will take thousands more to do the things I mentioned above. This is the reason for launching the Power of Two last year.

It might sound like a lot of money, but if only a few thousand of the tens of thousands of followers I still have through my website and various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) will commit to giving $2 or more each month, it would catapult the Strident Conservative into the stratosphere of new opportunities.

By the way, if you just want to write us one great big giant check, I’ll try to make that work. 😉

Counting the cost of being a Christian constitutional conservative can feel pretty lonely sometimes, but many of you have assured me that you’re with me in this. So, I ask those who support our mission to consider joining the Power of Two and make a monthly pledge.

The Power of Two donate button is located in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Thank you in advance for your support.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative. He holds people of every political stripe accountable for their failure to uphold conservative values, and he promotes those values instead of political parties.

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