Could Donald Trump make George W. Bush the last Republican president?

Trump - Dead GOP

Could George W Bush be the last Republican president? He posed that question to a group of aids back in April. Though his reasons for asking the question probably had more to do with his concern that Donald Trump would beat his brother, Jeb, I think the question should be given serious attention because I think the answer to that question should be a resounding “Yes!” at least as far as the current GOP is concerned.

As I wrote earlier this week, following the blatant hijacking by Trump and the Republican establishment—forgive me for sounding redundant—during a rules vote, which included a rule to free the delegates, it has become clear that the party of Lincoln has become the party of the party.

Power brokers like Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan donned their jack-boots and stepped on the throats of conservatives, demanding unity under the banner of tyranny as they silenced the opposition.

In the immediate aftermath of these tactics, the voices of the Republican base rose up, with some calling for the creation of a new party based on constitutional conservatism to represent them.

But party politics isn’t Bush’s main concern. As I mentioned earlier, when Bush expressed his concerns about the future of the GOP, he was worried about the impact Trump would have on the party. A valid concern, in my opinion, whether Trump wins or loses.

If Trump wins, a prospect not looking too good at the moment, the base of the Republican party is gone. Donald Trump has burned, demolished, blown up every bridge between conservatives and the GOP. And without the base, the Republican party cannot survive. In addition, the “free agent” president can hardly be called a Republican based on his policies and behavior.

And if he loses, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats will continue advancing Obama’s open borders, executive amnesty, and U.N. 2030 Agenda policies. The result will be millions and millions of new Democrat voters, ensuring the eventuality of turning every blue state in America red, and giving Democrats control of the government for generations.

While George Bush and I might not agree on the specifics as to why Donald Trump will bring an end to the Republican party, we do agree on one thing—end the Republican party he will.


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