Corey Hogan and Shannon Joy take down unconstitutional quarantine

Conservative Review unconstitutional quarantine

Quarantining the healthy indefinitely is a violation of due process. In today’s Conservative Review podcast, I’m joined by my friend Shannon Joy and her lawyer, Corey Hogan, to discuss the day police in Monroe County, N.Y. knocked on her door to enforce an unconstitutional quarantine of her 12-year-old daughter, who was never exposed to coronavirus.

Corey Hogan is a Buffalo-based attorney with 40 years of experience who is donating his time to fight all the civil rights abuses under COVID – from mandatory quarantine and contact tracing to masking and forced vaccination.

Hogan seeks to take Shannon’s case all the way to the Supreme Court. He warns that if the COVID-19 edicts are not taken down in the courts, there is no limit to what government can do to us on any other issue without due process or oversight.

When you understand the principles laid out in the Constitution, it’s clear that coronavirus quarantine is our Founders’ worst nightmare.

The Founders wanted a federal government strong enough to secure the blessings of liberty, but not strong enough to threaten civil society and our freedoms.

Coronafascism and constitutionalism cannot survive together. And if we choose not to fight for the Constitution today, coronafascism and tyranny will become “the new normal.”



You can help Shannon fight coronavirus tyranny and take down unconstitutional quarantine. Donate Today to the SJ Legal Fund to support Shannon’s lawsuit against Monroe County, The Monroe County Dept. of Public Health, The Fairport Police Department and Dr. Mike Mendoza for their harassment of her family.

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