Conservatives Of The World Unite!

February 7, 2012 – A date which will live in infamy.

OK. . . not exactly. But conservatives in the states of Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado spoke loud and clear when they gave upstart Rick Santorum decisive wins over the inevitable candidate, Mitt Romney, in all three states.

The message? It’s quite simple actually. It’s the same message that’s been shouted from the rooftops since Newt Gingrich won big in South Carolina a few weeks ago:

Conservatives and T.E.A. Party Republicans will not sit back and let the Republican establishment shove the only candidate who can beat Obama* down our throats.

*recent polling shows Mitt now losing

Of course, the Republican spin machine is doing all they can to back their boy.

RINO John McCain – a man who knows all about how to win a Presidential election – came out with one of the most logical craziest explanations for why the RINO candidate he endorses lost so big. It appears that it was low voter turnout and not Romney’s liberal past that cost him all three elections.

Not to be outdone, certain members of the “conservative” media – a phrase that doesn’t appear to mean what it once did – are stepping all over themselves to make sure that the too-dumb-to-know-better conservative base wise up and tow the Mitt-the-flip line, or else.

And if being out of step with the larger conservative movement on this issue weren’t enough, Michael Medved has decided to trot out the newest pro-Romney talking point with some serious condescension.  You see, it is not Mitt Romney.  It is you hicks, rubes, and idiots that are to blame.  “Dammit, why won’t you like him??!!??” Medved comes close to asking. – Michael Medved Wants A Different Conservative Base –

In a story from National Review Online we see a glimmer of objectivity concerning Romney’s inability to secure the pesky conservative base:

If Romney indeed loses all three states tonight, it will be in large part because he has failed to close the deal with conservatives, who dominate the Republican party more than they did in 2008.Mitt Romney Has Reason To Be Concerned – National Review Online

This is further confirmed by Tony Perkins – President of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. – in his article for the Daily Caller about how social issues are carrying more weight than Romney realized:

As the military’s rights are crumbling, marriage is crushed at the courtroom  door, and Planned Parenthood terrorizes organizations that won’t bankroll its  ideology, who are people going to turn to? Americans are signaling that they  don’t want a president who will stop the cultural decay. They want a president  who will reverse it. And they want it badly enough to give Santorum double-digit  support in states that Governor Mitt Romney won easily in 2008.

Conservative candidates have decisively won 5 of the first 8 primaries and caucuses (Iowa being an exception). If the election season has demonstrated anything so far, it’s that Romney is proving to be too liberal for the Republican palate – and that a true alternative to Obama is possible when Conservatives of the world unite.


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