Conservative Comedy Friday – 5/17/19

The Trojan Trumpephant

Welcome to another edition of Conservative Comedy Friday.

So, did you hear how Donald Trump is finally going to keep his promise to shut down the Department of Education? He’s going to rename it Trump University.

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance between Shrek and the Strident Conservative is purely coincidental. Conservative Comedy Friday is a work of satire and is either the product of my imagination or the byproduct of the quad espresso drink I just had at Starbucks.

While we wait for the cult to start screaming about how I suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, let’s take a moment to laugh in order to keep from crying over the Unibrow Party and how they are destroying our Republic.

We learned recently about Trump’s narcissistic need to spend over $2 trillion on so-called infrastructure and his recent closed door meeting with Chuck and Nancy to git ‘er done. Putting aside the obvious fact that America is already bankrupt and doesn’t have the money without new revenue — for example, Trump’s suggestion to raise the gas tax — the infrastructure plan being considered is merely a slush fund for a bucket list of pet projects of the Far-Left and Donald Trump … but I repeat myself.

As anyone not occupying the Washington Swamp will tell you, government rarely keeps its promises when it comes to how they spend our money. In this Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus song parody, Reason TV’s Remy shows us how “infrastructure” spending priorities are usually determined and how they have little to do with infrastructure.


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, a day when we remember and recognize moms for how awesome they are … that is, unless you’re Donald Trump. He spent Mother’s Day recognizing himself and his awesomeness for winning “one of the most hard fought and consequential elections” in American history and harping on the Mueller investigation.

Comedian Tim Hawkins not only remembered mom, he dedicated his latest song parody (Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover) to her. Check out “50 Ways to Please Your Mother.”


Are you familiar with Blue Apron and other fancy meal prep companies that deliver all the ingredients you need to make a healthy meal in a hurry? Besides being expensive, they usually consist of meals you can hardly pronounce and most likely wouldn’t eat if you had a better option.

The good news is now you have a better option. In this hilarious video by comedian John Crist, he introduces us to Red Apron: The fast food delivery service disguised as meal prep. It’s like Blue Apron but with food you’d actually eat.

Have a great weekend!


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