If Mueller is “case closed,” why do Republicans keep harping on it?

While most of America took some time yesterday to recognize moms on Mother’s Day, Donald Trump did what he does on every day ending in “y” by hopping on Twitter and recognizing himself and his awesomeness — this time for winning “one of the most hard fought and consequential elections” in American history.

True to form, the Narcissist-in-Chief also harped on the Mueller Report — you know, the report he claims completely exonerated him — and he repeated the same worn-out and incorrect claim that the so-called “Witch Hunt” yielded “No Collusion, No Obstruction.”

The fact is Mueller was unable to clear Trump of obstruction. It was Attorney General Bill Barr who questionably concluded Trump hadn’t obstructed justice. Still, that hasn’t stopped Trump and his cult from claiming otherwise, nor has it kept them from making sure the Mueller Report and the “Witch Hunt” stays in the news.

For example, in a fundraising email I received from the Scalise For Congress campaign, I was asked to contribute to help “STOP the Russia Hoax.” It reads in part (emphasis theirs):

Friend– We are witnessing an unprecedented abuse of power.

Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Left have taken their Russia Witch Hunt completely overboard.

Even after the Mueller Report proved there was no collusion and no obstruction, they are going ALL IN on their propaganda and attacks on Conservatives… it’s up to us to stop them!

STOP the Russia Hoax

Did you notice how Scalise slid the word “conservative” in there? Clever.

Back in March when the Mueller Report was first released, I wrote about how the Russian investigation had been the perfect distraction for Trump and the GOP to hide their abysmal job performance since 2016, and how they and their friends in the faux-conservative media would attack Mueller and keep the investigation in the news as part of a campaign strategy for 2020.

In addition to Trump’s tweets, this strategy was on clear display in tweets from Sen. Thom Tillis, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ daddy, Mike Huckabee, and Salem Radio big talker Hugh Hewitt after the Republican-led Senate panel subpoenaed Donnie Trump, Jr.

According to this trio of sycophants, Trump has been exonerated and the Trump-Russia investigation is considered “case closed.” Of course, it isn’t closed. Even if it was, Trump and the swamp will never allow it to die because it provides excellent cover for their lies and broken promises. Besides, there’s simply too much money and too many votes to be embezzled to let it fade into history.

With no discernable policy accomplishments and little more than recycled campaign promises to offer, Republicans are hoping the Mueller distraction — my friend, radio host Shannon Joy would call it a “squirrel” — will be the little something extra they need to drag the party over the finish line.

However, even if this strategy fails, the egomaniacal narcissist occupying the White House will still get all the attention he craves in the meantime. And that’s all he’s ever been concerned about.



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