Trump teams up with Pelosi and Schumer on infrastructure spending

Reaction by the idolaters of Donald Trump to the article I wrote a few days ago about his narcissistic plan to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure was typical of what I’ve come to expect from the people Trump claims would support him even if he murdered someone on Fifth Avenue.

There was the usual attempt to label me a George Soros liberal along with repeating the worn-out “at least he’s not Hillary” classic from 2016. And of course, what would Trumpism be without a “fake news” comment rounding things out?

Amazingly, these same voices have been eerily silent following a press conference by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi following their meeting with Trump that confirmed everything I wrote in the piece, including the $2 trillion price tag and Trump’s enthusiastic infatuation with big government spending.

Calling the meeting with his NY Liberal counterpart “very productive,” Schumer praised Trump for the “good will” he showed, and for how he was eager to push infrastructure spending up to $2 trillion. “It’s clear that both the White House and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way,” Schumer told reporters.

But the orgasmic reaction to the meeting between Trump and Democrat leaders wasn’t restricted to Chuck and Nancy. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said in a statement that the meeting was “excellent and productive.” Even though she refused to confirm or deny the $2 trillion price tag — which is how Washington confirms bad news without going on the record — Huckabee-Sanders confirmed Trump’s desire to do something YUGE with infrastructure.

In my article I mentioned above, I laid out how Democrats want the infrastructure bill to include provisions dealing with so-called climate change along with addressing “broadband, water, energy, schools, housing, and other initiatives.” And for good measure, the Far-Left also wants to use infrastructure spending to redistribute the wealth to big business, labor contractors, and businesses owned by women, veterans, and minorities.

Will Trump include these special interest groups in the infrastructure deal in an election-season attempt to buy votes? I think you already know the answer to that question.

By the way, Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer still need to meet again to discuss how they will pay for this disaster. Democrats want last year’s tax cuts renegotiated, while Trump is leaning toward a 25-cent hike in the gas tax.

Not to worry, though. Republicans are looking out for you and me to make sure the Democrat agenda is kept in check.

Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper” for the Democrat agenda, has unequivocally stated that renegotiating tax cuts to pay for infrastructure is a “non-starter.” Based on his solid track record when it comes to keeping his word, we can certainly trust him to keep this promise.

And in the House, Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) has proposed having Congress merely double the gas tax — an 18.4-cents-per-gallon increase instead of Trump’s 25-cents — or as Washington would call it, a cut in the gas tax of 6.6 cents. Collins also wants to double airline fees, which he claims is NOT a tax increase, and he offered a solution for those who could be impacted by his proposal.

“I not only support increasing the gas tax; I support doubling it. I support doubling the airline passenger fee from $4.50 to $8 or $9. Those are user fees. I won’t even call it a tax,” Collins told The Hill in an interview. “If you don’t want to pay the airline user fee, don’t fly. And if you don’t want to pay the gas fee, you don’t have to drive,” he added.

More government spending and higher taxes. I’m so glad we didn’t elect Hillary. Aren’t you? And with Republicans looking out for us, we clearly need to heed the advice of Glenn Beck and the rest of BlazeTV by helping Trump and the GOP win in 2020.



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