Let’s stop dying for somebody else’s strategic interests

On this show, I discuss the dos and don’ts of Venezuela and how our government always does dumb things for other countries but not prudent things for our own. Why are we not putting the military option on the table to deal with the cartels when we put it on the table for the safety of other countries’ citizens, even when there is no logical outcome?

I discuss how to strategically counter Cuba and Russia in a smarter way than an aimless military expedition in Venezuela and how we need to be doing that anyway to defend our own sovereignty and strategic interests.

Next, I discuss how “soft sanctuaries” are ensuring that a lot of gang members and cartel associates are let go without ever being turned over to ICE. Furthermore, we are paying for the rope to hang ourselves, as illegal aliens who themselves pay for cartels to smuggle in other teen relatives get to reap the benefits of their act on our dime.



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Daniel Horowitz is a Senior Editor at Conservative Review, a conservative writer, and a policy analyst focusing on the hot-button issues in Congress. He is the author of the book, Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.

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