Conservative Comedy Friday – 10/5/18

It’s Conservative Comedy Friday! With Trump and the GOP Clown Show still tied up with the Kavanaugh circus, and with the so-called conservative media working as the administration’s mouthpiece in his defense, I figured we’d take a break and spend some time laughing at the madness.

Trump’s trade war and abusive tariffs — my friend Shannon Joy calls them #Tarifaxes because tariffs are taxes — are supposed to be good for the economy because they create “fair” trade and result in more Made in America products. In his latest music parody, Reason TV’s Remy shows us why tariffs are terrible economic policy by asking: Why aren’t they being used to bring back the banana industry?

Liberals believe that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will shift the Supreme Court to the right even though his track record when it comes to the Fourth Amendment and NSA spying indicates otherwise. However, even if Kavanaugh confirms their fears, liberals are more concerned about the balance of the court if anything happens to geriatrics Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer.

In this Stayin’ Alive parody by the Capitol Steps, we get a little insight into how liberals plan to address the problem.

Have you ever wondered what Hillary has been up to since 2016? In this video by Bad Lip Reading, the former Democrat candidate shares some very revealing personal stories from her life over the past two years.

Have a great weekend!


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